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10 foods for children that are very unhealthy for their diet

10 foods for children that are very unhealthy for their diet

If you want your child to remain healthy without any problems then start avoiding these unhealthy food for children and give them a good diet

The main question parents ask is why is junk food unhealthy for children. They eat whatever they like and more so if it is sweet and salty like fried snacks or sugary candies. But, do you know the consequences of letting your kids gorge on these foods laden with sugar, sodium, fats and other kinds of unsavory ingredients? Well there are many reasons why you shouldn’t encourage your kid with such foods, the first and foremost one being because it could probably damage their body and health.

If you are a responsible parent then knowing what to give your children to eat and what not to indulge them with should be your biggest priority. So without further ado, here are the top 10 unhealthy foods for children you should avoid feeding your kids:

  1. Fruit Snacks

By simply adding the word fruit to their products, these junk foods and beverage giants have been profiting of your child’s craving for such addictive snacks and drinks. Fruit gummies, fruit cakes, and fruit drinks are nothing but sugar-filled candies which can probably stick to your kids’ teeth and cause cavities later.

Fruit Snacks

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  1. French fries

French fries have steadily become an all-time favorite junk foods of children ever since food joints have surged in popularity. Not only are fries excessively delicious but they are also crispy and easy to gobble down. Fries are unhealthy foods for children that contain an unhealthy amount of trans-fats, not to mention that they are loaded with calories. In fact, fries can are junk foods that dominate the palate so much that your kid may not want to eat any other vegetable besides fried potatoes. Instead, why not try baking some sweet potato fries at home as these tend to be packed with more healthy properties like potassium, vitamin C, and fiber.

French fries

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  1. Lollipops

Lollipops are sugar-filled candies with artificial coloring and flavor. Since kids usually take their time consuming a lollipop, it stays in their mouths for a long time which can only lead to cavities and other teeth problems. Treating your child with a lollipop every once in a while is alright. But, don’t let him eat it on a regular basis. One of the worst unhealthy foods for children


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  1. Deli Meals

Don’t give kids processed food and ask why is junk food unhealthy for children? Processed red meat in the form of hot dogs and burgers, or bologna can increase the risk of your child developing heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer later in life. These kinds of unhealthy  foods for children are loaded with fat, nitrates, and sodium, which are all linked to some form of cancer. When you go for deli meals consider sticking to chicken in place of beef and opt for low-sodium and organic variants which are free of added nitrates. A better option would be to feed your kids fresh meat cooked at home.

Deli Meals

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  1. Sweetened drinks

Soda is one of the harmful things you can give your kids. Cola or any kind of sugary soda drinks can seemingly increase the risk of your kid developing type-2 diabetes or ending up obese. These sweetened drinks can also cause cavities. Sweet fruit juices are no exceptions among junk foods as they are as low in nutritional worth as sodas are. Limit the amount of sodas and fruit juices your child drinks before it’s too late. Instead, substitute these with water or milk.

Sweetened drinks

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  1. Granola bars

Maybe not junk foods but there are many varieties of granola bars that are more of a dessert rather than a nutritional snack. While some of these bars can be highly nutritious, it’s highly unlikely that your kid might take a liking to the healthy ones and would prefer the sweeter fattening ones. The catch is that you got to check the labels for bars that contain less than 10 grams of sugar with little to no saturated fats and which aren’t high in fructose, artificial sweeteners or corn syrup, and are contain at least 2 grams of fiber.

Granola bars

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  1. Sports drinks

Sports drinks should never be given to children no matter how tired they may be after long day at baseball or soccer practice. Sports drinks are somewhat addictive and among unhealthy foods for children and kids can easily get used to the taste and would start preferring it over water. It would be healthier to give them a glass of chocolate milk as it is loaded with the necessary proteins and carbs to help them recover from their fatigue and repair their worn out muscles.

Sports drinks

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  1. Ready to eat nuggets

Among junk foods for kids, these days kids love cheese balls and chicken nuggets which are basically processed meat that have to be fried in unhealthy oil. It packs a double dose of unhealthy fats and can arguably supply your child with high amounts of cholesterol. These can invariably lead to all sorts of heart problems later in your kids’ life. Sometimes letting your kids snack on some nuggets is okay. But, if you really are want to do things differently then try making some fresh nuggets at home with fresh meat and ingredients and not packaged ready to eat ones.

Ready to eat nuggets

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  1. Packaged noodles

Noodles are extremely rich in sodium while being too low in nutritional value. Children aged between 2-3 years do not require more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium per day. So, letting your child eat instant noodles or pasta will only result in excess sodium being pumped into their system. This can have serious health implications for your child, so it’s better to avoid giving your child packaged noodles whatsoever.

Packaged noodles

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  1. Cheese

When asking why is junk food unhealthy for children, cheese may be a good source of protein and calcium, but you still need to watch the amount you allow your child to consume. A single cheese slice contains over 100 calories and 10 grams of fat, so letting them eat more than that can make them gain weight in no time. The recommended amount of dairy for children is approximately one and a half ounces of cheese. So if you don’t want your kid turning obese at a young age don’t make cheese a staple in their daily diet. Avoid unhealthy junk foods for kids and give them a proper diet.


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