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14 Unexpected Beauty Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

14 Unexpected Beauty Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

Do you want natural beauty hacks and tips to look pretty and attractive? Then here are the best beauty tips and routines you can do at home.

Everywoman wants to look attractive and pretty but cannot manage to take care of every aspect of their body by themselves without professionals help or spending money on expensive products. Here we will give you great beauty hacks and beauty tips which will cost you absolutely nothing and make you look like a million bucks with little effort.

  1. For beautiful hair

Among beauty hacks, this is for greasy hair. All it needs is normal cooking salts from your kitchen! Yes! Just 2-3 tbsp of cooking salt to any of your favourite shampoo and rinse it well and wash your hair with it. Your hair would actually look cleaner and the roots would be shiny too for a longer period of time.

For beautiful hair

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  1. For thick eyebrows and lashes

One of the best beauty tips, you must be having an old mascara bottle somewhere deep in your cupboard, take it out and wash it clean. Make a mixture of Castor oil, vitamin E (which is available in large bottles in cosmetic as well as medical shops) and aloe Vera juice and combine them in the mascara bottle. The mascara brush can be used to apply the mixture uniformly over your lashes and eyebrows every night before getting ready for bed.

For thick eyebrows and lashes

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  1. For circles under the eyes

Do not throw away the used coffee granules or grounds. They can actually help keep your eyes healthy and refreshed. Mix these coffee grains with coconut oil in1:1 ration and apply gently under your eyes and let it be for 15 minutes. Repeat this proves for at least 3-4 times a week till the time you start noticing improvements.

For circles under the eyes

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  1. For a healthy body

Have ugly cellulite problems in your thighs or arms? Here are beauty tips to remove them by making a homemade mask which will burn away those cellulites easily. Unbelievable? Well mix 2tbsp of ground ginger, 5 tbsp of cosmetic clay and 10 tbsp of warm water and make a thick paste. Now apply this paste to all the problem areas like hips, belly, thighs, arms etc and wrap them a bit tightly with a plastic wrap for an hour. After an hour unwrap the plastic and take a shower and repeat this process once a week.

For a healthy body

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  1. For smooth legs

Many women opt for waxing or razors their leg fuzz which is painful and leads to ingrown hair. Sugaring is a new method of smoothening your legs with much less pain or hassles. Mix 1/4 glass of lemon juice, 2 glasses of sugar and 1/4th glass of water. Now heat this mixture on low flame till the mixture gets golden. Cool it and apply it against the growth of hair on your legs, then just like waxing sharply remove the paste at one go.

For smooth legs

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  1. For beautiful and strong nails

Among beauty tips, if you have brittle nail syndrome and cannot grow nails long enough to make it look glam, then try this. Add coconut oil and honey at 1:1 ratio with a few drops of lavender oil which will give strength to your nail. Pour the mixture into an old nail polish bottle and apply it like any regular nail paint.

For beautiful and strong nails

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  1. For blackheads on your face

Blackheads are ugly and annoying and difficult to get rid of. Not anymore. Make a simple homemade mask of warm water, 1 tbsp of flour and 1 tsp of honey and mix it. Dip a cotton pad and gently rub into the problem zones which are usually chin and nose areas. Wash your face after 10-15 minutes. Keep repeating this process till you see actual improvements.

For blackheads on your face

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  1. For sunburn

Among beauty hacks, this is great for sunburn. Take a bottle of baking soda mix it with a bit of water to make a thick cool paste and apply to the red, sensitive skin areas to cool it and rejuvenate it. Leave it on your skin for at least 10-15b minutes. Repeat it daily depending upon the level of exposure to sun.

For sunburn

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  1. For tender heels

Wearing socks all the time may not be practical always so there has to be other ways to keep your heels soft and tender. Make a foot soak with 2 cups of warm water, add ½ cup of baking soda and 1 cup vinegar. Soak your foot in this solution for 15-20 mins. Then dab it dry with clean soft towel and apply a moisturizing cream. You’ll see the difference in a week.

For tender heels

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  1. For a clear complexion

All you need to buy is a jar of activated charcoal, easily available in any cosmetic or medical store or even online. Add 1.5 tbsp of gelatine dissolved in warm water. Now heat it in the microwave till it turn into a smooth jelly and apply on your face as a mask for half and hour. Wash your face after this and repeat the process at least couple of time in a week.

For a clear complexion

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  1. For the whitest teeth

Mix 1 tsp of grated berries with 1 tsp of baking soda and mix it in a paste like consistency and use this as tooth paste rather than your regular one for a while for at least twice a month and you’ll see your smile dazzle everyone around you. One of the more interesting beauty tips to use.

For the whitest teeth

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  1. For a fresh face all day long

Had a long taxing day at work or college and your face looks like a punching bag, no worries you can make it look fresh as morning dew in matter of minutes. Prepare a face spray which is mixture of aloe gel, with purified water at a ratio of 1:3. Now pour it into a spray bottle and carry it with you always and spray on when need arises.

For a fresh face all day long

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  1. For a pleasant fragrance

Among beauty tips, during a busy day or week, we might not get time to wash out hair every day and daily dust and grime as well as sweat makes our hair sticky as well as stinky. So what do we do about it? Choose your favourite perfume and spray it on your combs and use them for combing your hair several times a day to keep your mane smelling fantastic.

For a pleasant fragrance

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  1. Firming up your bust

Vaseline petroleum jelly has some miraculous properties and who would have guessed that firming up our sagging bust is also one of its forte! Every night before going to sleep rub the gel around your bust for at least 2 weeks religiously and you’ll notice that the skin has become tighter and firmer and much more elastic. Seriously as one of the better beauty tips, it works like an elixir.

Firming up your bust

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