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Top Ten of the World’s Newly Discovered Animal Species

Top Ten of the World’s Newly Discovered Animal Species

Did you know that there are still new species of animals that we haven’t discovered yet? Here are the top ten discovered in recent times.

There is much more to our planet like newly discovered animals than we actually know and fortunately even as species are growing extinct, there are new species being discovered perhaps ironically a result og evolution for life to survive in a new and warmer atmosphere. There are quite a number of newly discovered animal species that scientists have found which we didn’t even know existed but yet they do. Take a look at the top ten new animal species discovered in recent times.

  1. Gracilimus Radix

The Gracilimus Radix one of the newly discovered species was recently discovered in Indonesia and is a new rodent species that lives on mountainous areas.  It has been given the name of the slender root rat and weighs only 40 grams. Unlike other rodents, it is a new genus feels scientists who have never seen anything like it and incidentally is the fourth new rat species discovered in the recent years.

Gracilimus Radix

Image Source:www.abc.net.au

  1. Domed Land Snail

Among newly discovered animal species, the Zospeum tholussum, or domed land snail, was discovered in a cave system in Croatia. As a land snail, it is blind and has a translucent shell that also features five to six whorls giving it a ghost like appearance. It lives in total darkness and 3000 feet below the surface in caves of Lukina Jama Trojama. Scientists say that the snail is slower than other snails and moves a few centimeters per week. To cover ling distances, it hitchhikes on other animals.

Domed Land Snail

Image Source:www.esf.edu

  1. Potamotrygon Rex

This is one of the new neotropical freshwater stingray species discovered in 2016 in the middle and upper Rio Tocantin, Brazil. It is also known as the great river stingray and has a dark brownish color with yellow spots in its dorsal disk. It is quite large in size and is now referred to as the King of Freshwater in the rivers of Brazil. It weighs almost 44 pounds and you can’t find it anywhere else on the planet.

Potamotrygon Rex

Image Source:zenodo.org

  1. Xenoturbella Churro

Among newly discovered species, the Xenoturbella Churro is a sea creature found in eastern Pacific Ocean. It weirdly resembles a fried dough pastry called a churro and that’s how it also got its name. The Xenoturbella churro is almost like a jellyfish without its tentacles and rave lighting. It belongs to a worm type group and is pink in color and eats mollusks.

Xenoturbella Churro

Image Source:static.scientificamerican.com

  1. Scolopendra Cataracta

As one of the newly discovered animals, this is enough to give anyone nightmares and was discovered in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. It was given the name Cataracta and can plunge into water in the same way it moves on land. This makes it the first of its kind to be able to do so. It measures 8 inches and has 20 legs.

Scolopendra Cataracta

Image Source:www.wonderslist.com

  1. Eulophophyllum kirki

The Eulophophyllum Kirki belongs to katydids group of species and was found when scientists were researching snakes and tarantulas in Borneo, Malaysia. They are unique in the sense that the females have a rosy color making them stand out more than the males who are colored a uniform green. The veins look like leaves.

Eulophophyllum kirki

Image Source:1.bp.blogspot.com

  1. Olinguito

Among newly discovered animal species, The Olinguito was discovered in 2014 and was called the Kitty bear. It is a unique mammal of the raccoon family and looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a domestic cat. It has large thick eyes and woolly brown fur and weighs just 900 grams. Its tail grows up to 17 inches and the animal was found in the forests of Colombia and Ecuador.


Image Source:upload.wikimedia.org

  1. Pheidole Drogon

This is a new ant species that looks like of the dragons from GOT. This new ant species was discovered in Papa New Guinea and looks unique because of its back and shoulders that have dragon like spiny barbs along it. It was indentified with 3D imaging technology and scientists feel that the spiny bars are actually muscles to enable the ants to hold up their oversized heads and to life heavier objects.

Pheidole Drogon

Image Source:steemitimages.com

  1. Illacme Tobini

As one of the newly discovered animals this is a species of millipedes that was discovered in a cave in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA. It has 414 legs and no eyes but 200 poison glands and 4 reproductive male organs. In fact, throughout its life it can keep adding body parts. It has nozzles on each 100 segments those secretes a toxic chemical to defend itself against predators.

Illacme Tobini

Image Source:upload.wikimedia.org

  1. Eriovixia Gryffindori

Lastly among newly discovered animal species, Eriovixia Gryffindori is also known as the Harry Potter Spider because it looks like the sorting hat of Hogwarts. It was first discovered in Karnataka India and has an add  shaped body that rises from a bent base and then ends in a peak that is also bent which is also a disguised as a dried up leaf. The body is covered in tiny white and yellow hairs.

Eriovixia Gryffindori

Image Source:www.esf.edu