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Take this Easy Test to Reveal Your Current Psychological State

Take this Easy Test to Reveal Your Current Psychological State

What is your current psychological state? Take this unusual test and find out and you'll be surprised.

Psychiatrists and psychologists use projective test on their subject to gauge their current state of mind. Sometime the patients cannot understand or explain his/her own thought process and therefore gets overwhelmed and nervous. The brain sends various signals which all mean different things which needs to be analysed and professionals can do it using these tests. Various pictures and sketches are shown to the patients and their interpretations are analysed and conclusions are reached. Here is one psychological test to reveal your current psychological state.

  1. What are projective tests?

Among psychological tests, ambiguous visual stimuli such as sketches, inkblots (Rorschach test), paintings or enigmatic pictures which evokes a reaction and reveals the personality trait or patterns of the patient’s character and internal attitude of the subject. For example, here are 2 tests to find out what exactly is going on in your mind right now.

What are projective tests?

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  1. The first test

Have look at the picture and remember what you notice at the first instance when you look at it. Then you can go through the interpretations, remember there are no wrong or right answers here.

The first test

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  1. If you saw a cave

In this psychological test, if you saw the cave it means you are well balanced person with complete control over their mental faculties and it’s not easy to throw you off the rail so easily. You are a positive person and calm in any situation and try to see the brighter side of the life. You do not get bogged down by negativity of life and it’s you who people turn for advice and help. Your positive energy influences and calms everyone around you.

If you saw a cave

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  1. If you saw a UFO:

You are verge on of a breakdown and about to explode due to all the stress and tension that you kept bottled up inside you. This low tolerance to stress increases your risk of disease such as insomnia, heart problems, hyperventilation and reoccurring nightmares. I know it’s easier said than done but try not to get effected by smallest of the details in the life and stop micro managing the world or you’ll be the victim of headache, migraine, nausea and other complications.

If you saw a UFO:

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  1. If you saw an alien’s face

If you saw a face of an alien than you have the tendency to create a big fuss out of very insignificant things in life. There is nothing called small issues in your life as every problem is magnified 10 times in your eyes. You need to pull yourself together and not allow baseless worries or people allow you to lose your cool and sanity of life. Stop suffering and harassing yourself by working yourself up over small things in life. If faced with a challenging situation try to look at it from a third person’s perspective rather than making it a do or die issue for your own selves. People in this category usually have a lot of panic attacks and anxiety issues and they should concentrate in their breathing habits which are to inhale deeply through your nose and exhale softly through your nose.

If you saw an alien’s face

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  1. What if you saw a cave and UFO’s?

This means that you have seen the whole picture and could not ignore the whole perspective of the picture. It shows you are strong personality but having your own demons to fight too. You are doing your regular duties of life and try to maintain a cheerful disposition because you know that’s the correct attitude towards life. You do that by suppressing the fear and insecurities you might be having. Just let off your steam once in while and do not keep yourself bottled up all the time.

Since you are a brave person you try to fight your inner demons alone which could be stress from your work, heath or family issues. You do not need to fight this battle alone but can always take help from people who are well trained to guide you out of the quagmire. Open up yourself and your problems without the fear of being judged or ridiculed. These silly fears keep you from opening up and reaching out for help. You need to know you are not alone and there are many like you all around and use your positive personality to take control of your mind and actions. Try to analyse your problems and if it’s not too small insignificant do not waste moment of your time or energy on it. Always have your perspective in line and your health and well being should be the most important factor.

What if you saw a cave and UFO’s?

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  1. There are three reasons why psychological tests have been created

Usually it’s easier for the psychologist to get inside the mind and emotions of the patients through a direct quiz or questionnaire rather than interview, information from tests is scientifically consistent in comparison to those from interviews. People are not always open about their problems or are unable to express their problems accurately. Therefore, the various test come into help because they are usually objective and to the point making it easier for the patients to explain their issues.

There are three reasons why psychological tests have been created

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  1. Information from tests is scientifically consistent in comparison to those from interviews

When the you have to make decision regarding legal issues, disability matters and other important life altering topics than the written quiz and tests becomes a solid base for the psychologists to make decisions regarding you cases and help you and your family members while they are about to make important changes or decisions which involves you.

Information from tests is scientifically consistent in comparison to those from interviews

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  1. It’s harder to lie on tests

Of course, in psychological tests, no one deliberately tries to lie or derail the doctor in a clinical interview but they can easily keep information bottled up and chose not to share everything even if it might be crucial for the analysis. While tests on the other hand does not give the leeway to the patient to lie of make up any answer as the answer if not matching the criterions can be immediately called out as false by the doctor.

it’s harder to lie on tests

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