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Meet Herbie The Happy Hedgehog Who Is an Instagram Star

Meet Herbie The Happy Hedgehog Who Is an Instagram Star

Check out these amazing pictures of the latest instagram sensation which is herbie the hedgehog the happiest in the world

Animals can make you happy, they can also make you smile and when it is a little chubby squishy hedgehog who smiles, then that is an overload of cuteness for you. This little lizard especially and the star of the story will literally melt your heart with its vampy smiles too. Take a look at 20 pictures of Herbee the hedgehog.

  1. Precious moments to brighten your day

Such precious moments that capture those tender moments between animals and humans is what makes the internet a nice place to waste your time on and when you add dogs and cats to the pictures too, it can really brighten up anyone’s day. Herbee the hedgehog is one of the cutest things you will see.

Precious moments to brighten your day

Image Source:i2-prod.mirror.co.uk

  1. How it all began

It all started with the instagram account of Mr Pokee an internet phenomenon owned by a Girl in Germany called Talitha Girnus who once owned Mr Pokee who has now passed away god rest his soul. Pokee was a ridiculously cute hedgehog who was always bringing smiles to people’s faces while oing about hid daily routines and exciting adventures. The picture below is of Mr Pokee.

How it all began

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Cuteness overloaded

It is guaranteed that you are going to saw awww several times as you scroll down this article and these are pictures of Pokee’s successor Herbee the hedgehog who is equally cute and chubby. Herbee also likes his belly rubs and loves to explore.

Cuteness overloaded

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  1. How she got Mr Pokee the Hedgehog

Talitha Girnus explained how one day someone sent her a gif of a hedgehog getting belly rubs and immediately she knew that she wanted a hedgehog as a pet. Since European hedgehogs are protected, she decided to get an African pygmy hedgehog and found Mr Pokee. Once she got him, she soon opened an instagram account about her activity and relationship with Mr. Pokee and he instantly became an internet star. Today Herbee is known as the world’ happiest hedgehog and all this pictures are of herbee.

How she got Mr Pokee the Hedgehog

Image Source:i.dailymail.co.uk

  1. The hedgehog became an internet star

Pokee gained 1.5 million followers but then he passed away which was heartbreaking for Tabitha and she didn’t have the heart to close his instagram account. But half a year ago, she met Herbee whom she adopted from a girl who couldn’t keep him because of an allergy. From the pics you must have seen how Herbee is a real spiky fellow.

The hedgehog became an internet star

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  1. Herbee is equally cute

Herbee the hedgehog is as cute as Mr Pokee and Tabitha became a hog mom a second time. Herbee is a real bundle of joy with almost the same modeling talents like Pokee. He poses sweetly and has the similar funny expressions when photographed in quirky scenario.

Herbee is equally cute

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  1. Herbee carried on the legacy

According to Tabitha,  "When I created Pokee's page, I simply wanted to share the cute, happy moments that Pokee brought me. Little did I know that this little bundle of joy and sharing our story would create such a powerful message about life and bring smiles to so many people around the world. And this message needs to be carried on... through Herbee!"

Herbee carried on the legacy

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Guests are always invited

The Instagram account also has frequent guests in the form of other animals like dogs and cats or other hedgehogs and all the photos are cuteness overloaded as you can see. One beautiful Bengal cat named Audree also soon became a member f this little joyful family and the hedgehog cat duo may soon turn out to be another viral sensation on the internet.

Guests are always invited

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Herbee and Audree

Herbee the hedgehog and Audree are the best things that have happened to Tabitha who says “Whenever you return to our page, we want to remind you to never lose faith and always follow your heart" These photos are so heartwarming and mushy you can’t help looking at them again and again.

Herbee and Audree

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Herbee and Tabitha

Tabitha is happy she has got another Mr Pokee to keep her company and really loves Herbee as much as Mr. Pokee; after all he is very cute too.

Herbee and Tabitha

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  1. Herbee is inspiration

Herbee the hedgehog is so cute he is inspirational and motivating enough to make anyone smile when feeling down as you can see form this photo. It’s like he is a dose of happiness.

Herbee is inspiration

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  1. Herbee and Audree are great friends

They are good friends and keep Tabitha occupies all day long. Their photoshoots are mesmerizing and so cute it’s like mushiness overloaded. The backdrops are equally stunning in all their photos.

Herbee and Audree are great friends

Image Source:i.imgur.com

  1. Herbee in his favorite blanket

Here is Herbee in his favorite blanket and he loves curling up and taking photos in it.

Herbee in his favorite blanket

Image Source:instagram

  1. Magical

Now this is a near magical picture that is set in the backdrop of the sparkling water but it also shows how tiny this little guy is. Herbie the hedgehog seems to be having a nice life.


Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. A ray of sunshine

It seems this is one of Herbie the hedgehog’s best photos because of the backdrop of a sun flower showing what a ray of sunshine he is.

A ray of sunshine

Image Source:instagram.com