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Here’s What You Should Know about Magic the Gathering and the Brains behind the Brilliant Game

Here’s What You Should Know about Magic the Gathering and the Brains behind the Brilliant Game

Do you play magic the gathering or collect the cards? Then here is the story behind the famous card game and the creators who developed it.

Magic the gathering is a rage among gaming enthusiasts who love their card games. If you remember, the advent of card games started with Japanese Manga and anime. But the latest that has taken the world by storm is Magic the Gathering which was created by genius computer mathematician Richard Garfield.  Here is all about him, his card game and his co creator Mark Rosewater featured on magic articles.

  1. About Magic the Gathering

In keeping with the theme of the most trending content on the internet, magic articles has featured Magic the Gathering which was the brainchild of Richard Garfield and released in 1993.  Garfield also went on to create Artifact Video Game that was developed on the lines of the original MTG.

About Magic the Gathering

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  1. It started as a collectible digital card game.

MTG also known as Magic Cards or simply Magic started as a collectible digital card game and produced under the label of Wizards of the Coast which is a Hasbro Subsidiary. In 2015, as a trading card game, magic chalked up almost 20 million players with a staggering 20 billion cards produced till 2018.

It started as a collectible digital card game.

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  1. What is MTG all about?

Magic is created centered around a theme of a battle between wizards who are also known as planeswalkers. They cast spells, summon fantastic creatures and even use artifacts’ to defeat opponents.  Artifact video game also went on to become an equally popular game that could be played on android and apple devices.

What is MTG all about?

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  1. Who designed the cards?

The magic cards were all designed by Mark Rosewater who has worked for Wizards of the Coast since 1995. He has also created some neat puzzles that have been based on the theme of Magic the Gathering magazine including articles written for the magazine ‘The Duelist” which promoted MTG.

Who designed the cards?

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  1. Richard Garfield; About him

Richard Garfield is a BBSC in computer mathematics who joined Bell Laboratories and worked there till he earned a PhD in Combinatorial Mathematics from Penn University in 1993. In the same year he hot upon the idea of Magic The Gathering and you can read up more about the card game on Magic Articles. The digital game was a resounding success. He soon went on to create the Artifact Video Game based on MTG which also became a popular trend on Electronic devices but ultimately flopped.

Richard Garfield; About him

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  1. Not all cards have been created by Richard Garfield

Even though Richard Garfield may be the creator if MTG, not all cards have been created by him. He has created 6 sets known as the earlier sets. While Mark Rosewater also designs many aspects of the game, Garfield adds his own expertise and magic touch to various sets and blocks.  Garfield says he drew his inspiration form his own mathematical skills.

Not all cards have been created by Richard Garfield

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  1. How MTG is played

Magic the Gathering is played by two or more players with printed cards or you can also play it on a Smartphone or computer using virtual cards. This is accessed through the software of Magic The Gathering Online. The company releases new cards regularly to keep players and fans engrossed in the game and MTG has built up a huge community worldwide where there are professional magic players who trade in cards. In fact there is also a resale market for cards online with rare cards that can fetch a few thousand dollars, such is their popularity.

How MTG is played

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  1. Mark Rosewater : About him

Mark Rosewater is the brainchild behind the ongoing popularity of MTG and there is much to know about him. He has been instrumental in designing expansions like The Tempest, Urza’s Destiny, Mirrodin, and Ravinca: City if Guilds. He also designed Unglued singlehandedly where he displayed his prowess as a comic writer as well as a magic card designer. Mark Rosewater was also instrumental in starting the Pro tournament of competitive magic card playing for cash prizes. He also has his own column which you can read on magicthegatering.com as well as magic articles for more on MTG.

Rosewater is famous for his rapid ascent to the head of Magic the Gathering and for his personality. In case you didn’t know, Rosewater is very  involved with his fans and says that he reads every email sent to  him where he takes not of the criticism and praise in equal measure.

Mark Rosewater : About him

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  1. The first sets of MTG

Richard Garfield created the original sets of Magic: the Gathering today which were:

  • Arabian Nights
  • Antiquities
  • Legends
  • The Dark
  • Fallen Empires
  • Homelands

Later he also created event cards to memorialize events in his own life such as Proposal, when he proposed to his wife. Splendid Genesis, The birth of his 1st child Terry, and Fraternal Exaltation, His second child.

The first sets of MTG

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  1. Artifact the Video Game flopped.

Unfortunately Artifact the Video game did not do well and bombed after release falling form almost 60K players to a mere 1500. However Magic the Gathering has remained resilient chalking up almost 20 million players worldwide. If you want to know who are the top ten magic the gathering players in the world today, then read this article on magic articles. “Ten Interesting Facts about Magic the Gathering.

Artifact the Video Game flopped.

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