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15 Incredible Funny and Scary Wildlife Photographs Taken At the Precise Moment | Magic Articles

15 Incredible Funny and Scary Wildlife Photographs Taken At the Precise Moment | Magic Articles

Take a look at a mixed bag of wildlife photography over the last four years that can be chilling and comical too. | Magic Articles

From the last decade or so, the wildlife photography contests have showcased some mesmerizing photographs of animals raw and uncut in the wild. Some photographs were comical and some were stunning, others were also scary to say the least. From 2016, 17 and 18, we have had fantastic entries and special mention was the 2016 People’s choice award for wildlife photography that is held by London’s Natural History Museum. 2018 also was fabulous in terms of photography so take a look at this collection of 15 photographs from the museums contest of wildlife photography.

  1. Golden snub nosed monkeys in China’s Qin Ling Mountains. | Magic Articles

If 2016 for wildlife photography was amazing, 2018 was awesome. There are comical wildlife photographs, scary wildlife photographs and everything you hope to see in nature. But first take a look at the grand title awarded to Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten for his shot, titled "The Golden Couple." Of to rare golden snub nosed monkeys in China’s Qin Ling Mountains.

Golden snub nosed monkeys in China’s Qin Ling Mountains.

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. "Cool Cat" By Isak Pretorius, South Africa, 2018 Animal Portraits | Magic Articles

This was in the commendable category of 2018 Animal portraits and can easily be classified as a scary Wildlife photograph because imagine if you were refreshing yourself at the pool and suddenly see this.

"Cool Cat" By Isak Pretorius, South Africa, 2018 Animal Portraits

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Crocodiles can be deadly | Magic Articles

As scary wildlife photographs go, this is especially threatening because crocodiles with their massive and infinitely strong jaws can be fatal for anyone.

Crocodiles can be deadly

Image Source:i0.wp.com

  1. King of the Jungle | Magic Articles

Wildlife photographer John Klopper was witness to this dramatic incident of the birth of this wildbeest calf and its unfortunate death in the same day. This was taken in 2016.

King of the Jungle

Image Source:www.getaway.co.za

  1. Zebras horsing around?

Among comedy wildlife photography 2019, here is one hilarious shot by photographer Peter Haygarth of Bishop Auckland in the UK who took this image of two zebras horsing around in Tanzania.

Zebras horsing around?

Image Source:dynaimage.cdn.cnn.com

  1. Who’s the boss?

Funny wildlife photography can be hilarious especially when photos are taken spontaneously like this one by US photographer Thomas Mangelsen snapped this image in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park.

Who’s the boss?

Image Source:dynaimage.cdn.cnn.com

  1. Elephant gathering | Magic Articles

Among wildlife photography in 2018, here are elephants at twilight by Frans Lanting, the Netherlands, winner 2018 wildlife photographer of the year lifetime achievement award

Elephant gathering

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. The horror | Magic Articles

Now this is truly among scary wildlife photography titled "Ahead in the Game" by Nicholas Dyer, UK, highly commended 2018 behaviors mammals. If you are wondering and disturbed why someone would take such a photo, then here is what the photographer said. ‘Half of me felt disturbed by the disrespect this deceased fellow primate was receiving,’ he says. ‘The other half was caught up in the infectious joy of the puppies.’ 

The horror

Image Source:www.nhm.ac.uk

  1. Too big for his boots | Magic Articles

It seems among scary wildlife photography this leopard is trying to bite off more than he could chew. He has actually attacked this crocodile and seems to be in the process of overpowering. The photo was taken by photographer the bigger bite" by Chris Brunskill, UK, highly commended 2018 behaviors mammals

Too big for his boots

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Chest bump | Magic Articles

Among comedy wildlife photography, this is really a funny photograph and it seems that these two are in throes of a dance standoff where they are chest bumping each other

Chest bump

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. "Reflective sunset"

This dramatic wildlife photograph was shot by youngster Ram Mohan Akshay Valluru, India, highly commended 2018 15–17 years old. This is an incredible scene and totally dramatic too showcasing an Indian sunset.

"Reflective sunset"

Image Source:www.nhm.ac.uk

  1. "The Meerkat Mob"

Among scary wildlife photography, this is a really frightening scene where these meerkats seem to be trying to fight off this cobra attack. The photo is by Tertius A Gous, South Africa, highly commended 2018 behaviors mammals

"The Meerkat Mob"

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Monday Morning blues | Magic Articles 

Well, even animals have a bad day as can be seen in this photograph where this bear seems to be pissed with the photographer disturbing him. A perfect funny wildlife photograph and perhaps very expressive among wildlife photography.

Monday Morning blues

Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Tigerland | Magic Articles 

Now among scary wildlife photography, this could truly say it all and is a shot by Emmanuel Rondeau, France, highly commended 2018 animals in their environment.


Image Source:static.boredpanda.com

  1. Hilarious | Magic Articles

Can anything be funnier than this, a perfect shot among funny wildlife photography and part of the entries of the comedy wildlife photograph awards 2019?


Image Source:static.boredpanda.com