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16 Home Remedies That Are Harmful To Health

16 Home Remedies That Are Harmful To Health

16 Home Remedies That Are Harmful To Health

Human beings fall sick all the time. They have different types of health issues some serious and while other either cosmetic or minor health issues. The world has over 7 billion people and access to proper health care at affordable costs is not just a problem in poor countries but also in developed rich countries. So many times people take health care back into their own hands and try home remedies to help cure their medical issues. There are many natural home remedies which help cure different types of health problems but this is not always a good idea. There are some home remedies that are tried for either preventing a health issue or solving a health problem that can harm the human body instead of fixing the problem. The following are some of the home remedies which are harmful to health:

Dangerous Home Remedies That Are Bad for Health

  1. Taking Excess Vitamins

Vitamins are needed for the proper functioning of many of the organs of the body. But an overdose of vitamins over a period of time is one of the home remedies that can be bad for health. These pills have a list of vitamins and essential mineral which can cause nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fatigue, and even nerve damage.

Taking Excess Vitamins

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  1. Using Castor Oil in Pregnancy

One of the natural home remedies used in pregnancy is castor oil. It is used for constipation. But it can also induce labor which if premature can be extremely dangerous for the mother and the child.

Using Castor Oil in Pregnancy

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  1. Using Mouthwash

Many times people use mouthwash for keeping the mouth clean and maintaining oral health. However, mouth wash does not eliminate bad breath, it masks it and the effects are often short-lived. It can lead to oral cancer, sore throat, and can irritate cancer sores which are reasons why it can be bad for health.

Using Mouthwash

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  1. Using Butter or Oil for Burns

Many times people getminor burns while doing household chores and while cooking. Instead of applying cool soothing lotions or antiseptic cream burn medicines, people put oil or butter on the wound. However,it traps the heat inside on the burn instead of letting it out so is bad for healing.

Using Butter or Oil for Burns

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  1. Herbal Supplement

This is considered one of the healthy home remedies and many people take different types of healthy home remedies which include aloe, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, and licorice root. It can interact with other medicinesand cause health problems like headache, nausea, dry mouth, inflammation and dry mouth to name a few.

  1. Breast Milk

Overall breast milk is the most natural way to provide babies with nourishment. But if mothers have health issues like HIV which can be transmitted through bodily fluids, breast milk is a bad idea. Also, pumped breast milk that is not stored properly is bad for health.

  1. Kava

Kava is a health supplement that is also taken as one of the natural home remedies for anxiety. But kava has many side effects and can lead to serious health problems like liver failure and major allergic reactions.


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  1. Using Urine for Eye Infection

A disgusting home remedy that many people believe in is using urine for an eye infection. Instead of curing the infection it can increase the infection and make the problem even worse.

  1. Using Toothpaste for Acne

Acne is a severe and embarrassing problem that people try many home remedies to solve the problem. Some remedies like toothpaste for treatment of acne can be harmful to the skin. It can cause itchiness, irritation and also can inflame the acne making it worse.

Using Toothpaste for Acne

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  1. CowDung for Infection

Cow dung is used as a natural home remedy for many different types of infections. However,this is a very dangerous and unhygienic home remedy. It can make the infections worse and add new bacteria to the infection.

CowDung for Infection

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  1. Whiskey for Dental Problems

In theory, alcohol is one of the home remedies that is used as a natural disinfectant. However, using whiskey to fix dental problems and kill bacteria and infection in the mouth is a bad idea because it is not effective and can inflame the problem.

  1. Use of Types of Stick like Objects to Remove Ear Wax

Hairpins, and cotton buds are used as a common home remedy for removing the ear wax from the ears. It can be damaging to the eardrums and also pushes the impurities and ear wax inside the ear instead of removing it completely.

Use of Types of Stick like Objects to Remove Ear Wax

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  1. Removing Head Lice with Some Natural Remedies

Olive Oil, Listerine, Vaseline, gasoline, vinegar, mayonnaise, and tea tree oil are some of the home remediesused for removing head lice. Most of these remedies do not work. Also, there can be harmful reactions with some of these remedies on the scalp.

  1. Using a Needle to Cure Eye Sty

Eye sty is a major eye infection problem that can cause pain, swelling, and infection. Using a needle to pop the pus in the eye sty is a dangerous idea that can be difficult to execute and can increase the eye infection caused by the sty.

  1. Overdose of Probiotics

Probiotics are used as supplements and are considered one of the healthy home remedies but an overdose of probiotics can be bad for health. It can cause diarrhea, bloating, and nausea to name a few of the digestive problems. It can also cause headaches, increases histamine levels, and can risk the infection risk.

  1. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is a woodland plant that is used for digestive disorders, to treat respiratory disorders, hay fever, and ulcers. But using goldenseal can be extremely dangerous for health. There can be different types of side effects of this home remedy including cardiac damage, depression, hypotension, respiratory failure, nervousness, paralysis and it can even be fatal.


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The above-mentioned home remedies are very commonly used all over the world. Every culture has a wide range of home remedies that have been passed down from one generation to another. However, there are many types of home remedies that instead of preventing and curing health issues can cause harm to the human body. These home remedies should be avoided and taking doctor’s advice on many medical problems instead of harmful home remedies is a smart choice.