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Top 11 Best Bedtime Snacks for weight loss

Top 11 Best Bedtime Snacks for weight loss

Are you looking for the best healthy snacks for weight loss that you can eat at night? These are the best low carb late night snacks you should be eating to lose weight

There are some people who cannot even wait till morning, get up mid night and just take out anything from the freezer and start eating like a zombie! So not only are we cheating our diets, then feeling guilty about it but also having disturbed sleep due to our hunger pangs which also leads to weight gain. So how do we get out of this conundrum? The best thing is to eat a healthy snack instead. Here are 12 healthy snacks for weight loss to eat before going to bed which are low carb late night snacks and will keep you full as well not add an inch on your waist!

  1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is high in protein, and low sugar content. Now protein is filling and builds the lean muscles of the body while you sleep. In fact, a study claims that eating protein rich low carb late night snacks before sleeping stimulates overnight protein synthesis for muscle repairs and growth. Since we all know that lean protein helps you to burn fat, you can’t get enough of this macronutrient to lose weight.

Greek Yogurt

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  1. Cherries

Cherries best fruits to eat at night for weight loss. They have a great soporific effect if eaten after dinner as desert. They are natural source of Melatonin, the sleep regulating hormone. Have bowl of cherries or glass of tart cherry juice for a better and unadulterated sleep. Plus, cherries are full of anti-oxidants which fights inflammation and moves the scale to your benefit!


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  1. Peanut Butter on Whole Grain Bread

Among healthy foods to eat at night to lose weight peanut butter toast sounds yummy. Peanut butter contains Tryptophan, an amino acid which helps you to sleep; whole grain bread toast is among low carb healthy snacks and has vitamin B which will help you absorb the amino acid better. Peanut butter is the best plant-based protein to help you build muscle and has healthy mono saturated fats and is considered healthy snacks for weight loss at night. 

Peanut Butter on Whole Grain Bread

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  1. Protein Shake

Protein shakes are healthy foods to eat at night to lose weight and can help you recover and build your muscles mass while you sleep. Studies shows that if you consume 40gms of casein protein before going to bed, it increases muscle synthesis and starts building lean muscles which is the key to burn fat. So, add a scoop of casein powder and make a protein shake and drink it before you hit the bed.

Protein Shake

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  1. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is also a healthy snack rich in casein protein supplement as we were discussing before which makes it an ideal bed time snack. Since it’s a slow releasing protein source it keeps you full the whole night and repair muscles while you snooze. Plus, it also has sleep inducing tryptophan which makes you fall off to sleep fast and hard.

Cottage Cheese

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  1. Turkey

Counted as the best low carb late night snack, turkey contains sleep inducing tryptophan which makes it perfect pre-bed snack item. Especially protein in it will build lean muscles while sleeping so eat it with a toasted bread slice or a cracker. The fibre will keep you full the whole night and vitamin B from the whole wheat bread will help you absorb the protein better.


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  1. Banana

One of the best fruits to eat at night for weight loss, Banana also has tryptophan, the magical amino acid which will make you sleep fast and fibre from the banana will keep you full the whole night, this sweet fruit also crash any sort of sugar cravings in the middle of the night and will give you 100 calories each. You can freeze a banana with the peel and then take the frozen banana and mash it up with a fork for ice cream sort of treat.


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  1. Chocolate Milk

Among healthy late night snacks weight loss, A warm glass of chocolate milk will make you feel sleepy is true because milk contains tryptophan and calcium of the milk burn the belly fat. Always go for a milk brand with no or very low sugar level or high fructose level which is corn syrup ingredient.

Chocolate Milk

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  1. Kefir

It is a fermented milk product, which is packed with pro biotic which will keep your gut bacteria active and de-bloat your stomach. Since its dairy, it also has tryptophan to help you snooze easily and while you sleep and calcium will help you slim down.


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  1. Almonds

Only 5gms of almonds as a healthy snack will help you get enough servings of protein which will repair all your muscles overnight and the fibre will keep you satisfied. Almonds are known for their fat burning capabilities and if person keeps consuming ¼ cup of almonds for 6 months had a 62% reduction in weight


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  1. High-Fiber Cereal

As a good healthy snacks for weight loss, carbs are good for sleeping and fibre rich cereals like corn flakes or Wheaties will keep your tummy full the whole night while, the more fibre intake your body has the lower the body weight goes. Add the cereal with a cup of warm milk with all that goodness that we have been talking about and let their combined magic work on you.

Top 11 Best Bedtime Snacks for weight loss @ High-Fiber Cereal

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