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Amazing Japanese Healing Method for Pain Says Fingers are Connected To Organs

Amazing Japanese Healing Method for Pain Says Fingers are Connected To Organs

Amazing Japanese healing technique for pain requires gentle finger massages and says fingers are connected to two organs

Science and meditative innovations have improved leaps and bonds in the last 100 years or so and now ailments and diseases are not even bothered about as their medications are easily accessible everywhere, these same conditions were life-threatening just a 100 years back. It’s really hard to imagine the meteoric rise of allopathic and modern scientific medical interventions which has reduced human mortality rate drastically and increased the life expectancy in some countries like Japan to 100 years or so!

Today we are going to talk about an ancient medieval practise which is not as well known as others but is miraculously in its health benefits, it is called Jin Shin Jyutsu (sounds like a cool martial art), its centuries old Japanese technique to help with reducing inflammation and treating pain. The best part is this Japanese healing method for pain just takes 5 minutes a day to help you get rid of all your pains and ailments.

  1. What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

The Japanese healing method for pain Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese medical art which is meant to deal with various body parts which is suffering from pain and seeks to balance the power distribution throughout the body, mind and spirit through the various pressure points and out hands. The logic behind this is to release the negative pressure and build up blocked meridians and pathways so that energy can flow freely and create a perfect emotional balance.

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

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  1. Stimulation of finger points

In Jin shin Jyutsu, you need to stimulate certain specific points on your fingers which will not only calm your body and mind but also help in stress relief. Our finger tips are connected to vital organs of our bodies which when stimulated can improve both emotional and physical health and is especially effective in stress reductions, heath ailments and tensions reductions.

Stimulation of finger points

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  1. You can do it in five minutes

In the Japanese healing method for pain, if you want to focus on a particular body organ, you’ll have to take the corresponding finger and press it tightly. Make sure deep breathily and then message all the fingers gently for another 3 minutes or so. You should feel slight improvements already after 1st session already and keep repeating it every day to get rid of your ordeal all together.

You can do it in five minutes

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  1. Thumb

We all know that our mighty thumb is linked to the spleen and stomach. It’s also linked to mental conditions like depressions and anxiety. Thumbs can be used to treat nervousness, headaches, stomach pains and skin problems. By holding your thumbs and pressing it will harmonize the energy of your stomach and spleen and remedy various problems arising due to misbalance of energy released from these 2 thumbs of ours. Very soon you will feel relief from daily exhaustions, nervousness and even stomach upsets.


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  1. Index finger

In Shin Jyutsu, our pointer finger is directly linked to kidney and bladder and can prevent urinary tract infections which are common in young girls. Applying pressure to the index fingers can also provide relief to various kidney problems. This finger is also associated with emotional disbalance often causing confusion and depression. Putting regular pressure can help you out with digestion problems, back pain, tooth ache and muscle pain and inflammation.

Index finger

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  1. Middle finger

This finger is related to liver and yolky bitter. It directly controls your emotional outbursts such as rage, anger, in-determination and irritability. Pressing these points can also relive you with headaches, migraine, menstruation pain, frontal pains, headaches and exhaustion.

Middle finger

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  1. Ring finger

The ring finger is associated with the health and wellbeing of our large and small intestines and lungs. It also influences are emotions such as negativity, fear and sadness. If proper messaging and pressing of the points of the index finger is followed it will relive you from digestive problems, asthma, skin diseases, respiratory problems and skin diseases.

Ring finger

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  1. Pinkie finger

This pinkie finger is linked directly to our small intestines and the heart. It also influences emotions like nervousness and low self-confidence along with lack of self-esteem. Messaging the points in this finger helps you get rid of sore throat, pain and inflammation. It also helps managing heart complications and reduces the damages to the bone tissues.

Pinkie finger

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  1. Study proved that Jin Shin Jyutsu provided relief to cancer patients

We know there would be a lot of sceptics after reading this article and would not believe the actual benefits of the practice since it does not have sufficient medical researchers to back it up. But a study in 2012 proved that Jin shin Jyutsu at the Markley Cancer research institute proves the stress relief and improvement in general health of the patients is no less important than actual cancer treatment and may be many people escape the deadly disease due to the practice of this Japanese archaic medical treatment.

Study proved that Jin Shin Jyutsu provided relief to cancer patients

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  1. Positive results in all 159 patients

A study at Markley also concluded that almost 159 cancer patients showed the sign of improvements from the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments after every session of the Japanese healing method for pain.

Jin Shin Jyutsu seeks to spread the positive benefits of this archaic Japanese exercise and self-help healthy intervention system to be more common in the western world where allopathy has taken a deep root in our psychology. Alternative methods can be more effective without any side effects or addictive effects.

Positive results in all 159 patients

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