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According Psychologists, There Are 7 Types of Love, and Few People Experience the Last One

According Psychologists, There Are 7 Types of Love, and Few People Experience the Last One

According to the 7 types of love psychology, there is only one type of love that is the strongest form of love and that is the seventh one

The question of what strong love actually is has made philosophers and scientists struggle for many years to find an answer. American psychologist Robert Sternberg developed a 3-component theory in the 1980s which included emotional intimacy, passion, and commitment. Among the types of love psychology, he claimed it was these 3 points that was epitomized as love in songs and books. Sternberg then declared there were 7 types of love mentioned in details below.

  1. Infatuation

Among the 7 types of love relationships, in this phase, people who barely know each other feel a strong mutual attraction towards each other. In this type of relationship two people stay together despite not having the faintest of idea of whether they share anything in common. Psychologists suggest that this infatuation could possibly transform into something more wholesome over time, although the chances of this happening aren’t that high. In fact, the majority of couples in this kind of relationship don’t progress any further.


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  1. Liking

In this types of love relationships, when two people get together, their interest usually align to make them drawn to each other. They share common interests,  similar views on life, and feel as though they completely understand each other. However, according to psychologists, such relationships usually result in friendships and are unlikely to change into something more like full-fledged love.

2 Liking

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  1. Empty Love

In this type of love relationships, couples only remain committed to each other, but they lack passion and intimacy. It often happens that couples after experiencing a big fervent love find themselves in this type of relationship, though sometimes this can be vice versa as in people experience empty love at first but soon start to develop stronger feelings than seemingly sprout into love and passion.


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  1. Fatuous love

Among the 7 types of love psychology, couples who have found this type of love are in a committed and passionate relationship with each other. This type of love happens when two people who are really attracted to each other are ready to take the next step in their relationship by following certain traditions like getting married, exchanging vows, and sharing home duties when living together. Yet this kind of love still lacks true intimacy. As per psychologists, couples in this type of love relationship can live together for a long time, but when it comes to their individual happiness it can be rather relative. In a sense, they don’t exactly perceive their partner as a friend.

3 Empty Love

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  1. Romantic love

Passion and intimacy is what characterizes this kind of strong love. Couples who get together when they experience this kind of love often feel very comfortable with each other, yet they are not ready to make any serous commitments. In such relationships where both partners are not ready to commit to each other or afraid of doing so, they can never hope to advance in further to the level of cohabitation or marriage.

 Empty Love

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  1. Companionate

In this type of love relationships, partners are truly attached to each other and they share a bond which is much stronger than a usual friendship. Love of this kind includes intimacy and commitment, but it lacks passion and is a sort of chaste agreement. According to psychologists, the companionate type of love or relationship arises after a period of marriage or being acquaintances.

4 Fatuous love

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  1. Consummate love

Consummate love consists of all the three components stated by Sternberg which is emotional intimacy, passion, and commitment. While they may not be equal at all levels, the fact that all three are present in this form of strong love is of great significance. People who are able to advance to this stage of love are rare indeed, but if they somehow manage to build and develop this kind of love in their relationship, then they will have found true love with each other. These couples will surely be able to enjoy a long lasting marriage and will truly be able to enjoy a happily ever after together.

7 Types of Love, and Few People Experience the Last On @Consummate love

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Most people experience the 7 type of love psychology in a lifetime

As per psychologists, a person is most likely to experience all types of love relationships in their lifetime. While it can sometimes happen with the very same partner wherein they are able to progress in their relationship and keep taking it a step further towards the next level. However, other times it happens with different people. Despite this, your relationship may only be able to balance between two kinds of love and may not particularly fit into one of the seven types of love psychology.

If you haven’t yet reached the seventh type of love yet, then it might just be that you and your partner still require more time to develop together.

Most people experience the 7 type of love psychology in a lifetime

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