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8 Easy Ways How to Clean Your Car

8 Easy Ways How to Clean Your Car

There is nothing more satisfying than a clean car but not always can your local car wash with its automated tough bristles do the job right,. Here are some good ways how to clean your car.

Do it yourself cleaning bays can harm your car. This is why it is better to clean your own car learning how to clean car interior or how to clean car interior roof. You should also know how to clean car windows  yourself where you can focus on the dirtiest parts. You can even learn how to clean car carpet.

If you are ready to clean your car and want to know even how to clean car interior roof, then its best you use natural car cleaners which are healthier as eco friendly car cleaners are the best and healthiest for you. Here are 8 ways how to clean your car.

  1. Use a Bucket

When washing the car exterior, don’t leave the hose running while you’re scrubbing. It’s better to use a bucket and a sponge especially when you want to know how to clean car windows, it can be helpful. You can conserve a lot of water in this way.
Use a Bucket

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  1. How to clean car carpet

The best solution how to clean car carpet is using a steam cleaning machine and the hand held ones are best. Use the foam variety of carpet cleaning products as these are good choices. Don’t get the carpet too wet because it can result in mildew. If the carpet gets saturated, then blot dry using absorbent towels. Use specialized stain removals for tough stains on the carpet. Rubbing ice cubes on gum can remove it easily.

How to clean car carpet

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  1. How to clean car interior

If you want to know how to clean car interior, then of you have leather interiors, they can be cleaned with leather cleaning products for tough dirt embedded in the surface. You have to spray the product on to the seat and when dry, wipe with a microfiber cloth.  Let it dry for a couple of hours and use leather conditioner to keep supple. Vinyl seats are easier to clean and can be done with vinyl cleaning products that are cheaper. Just spray and wipe dry. For a natural approach, toothpaste is a great item to clean both vinyl and leather.

How to clean car interior

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  1. Use alcohol

One of the best ways on addressing  how to clean car carpet, you can use alcohol for dabbing on tough stains on the leather and vinyl seats too. Use a q tip to do a test run first and then if there is no reaction then go ahead. Always remember that frequent use of alcohol can even remove the dye so be careful.

Use alcohol

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For mild stains you can also use vinegar 1 part mixed with 1 part linseed oil which is best for removing dirt and grime.

  1. How to clean car windows

Here is an eco-friendly way to clean car windows. Use 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup alcohol. The mix in a bottle and use as a spray. This is an awesome cleaner that works great on your car windows.   Use reusable cloth wipes instead of paper towels which is also an eco-friendly way to wipe your car.

How to clean car windows

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  1. Use Plant-Based Soap

Natural plant based soaps are excellent for how to clean your car. Everything rinses off and you don’t have to worry about its impact on the environment. Baking soda is another miracle product to clean your car. It also acts as deodorizer and will leave you car smelling fresh if you sprinkle some on the cloth seats or cloth floorboards. You can mix some sweet smelling herbs with it too.

Use Plant-Based Soap

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  1. Dashboard

you have a leather dashboard or vinyl or any other material, then it could be really difficult because of the angle of the windshield that could make some areas hard to reach. Vacuum the dust before cleaning. And go as far as possible. Apply an interior dressing after cleaning so the material will not fade or crack when exposed to sunlight.


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  1. How to clean car interior roof

The best way to clean car interior roof or ceiling is to spray upholstery cleaner on a soft bristle brush  after wetting its end. While spraying the cleaner onto the ceiling, keep the windows and doors open and well ventilated. Wear latex gloves while working with car cleaner to avoid irritation. Move the brush in small circles to create foam but with light pressure only so not to damage the adhesive under the fabric. Then wipe off with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a steam cleaner for penetrating tough stains.

How to clean car interior roof

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When wondering how to clean car interior roof, It is better to spray the cleaner onto the bristles of the brush instead of directly onto the upholstery. Hiu can also use a wet vacuum or spot cleaner to remove nicotine stains.


If you don’t drive around too much, a thorough cleaning of your car every six months is enough to keep your car in good shape. The first time you wash your car, it will take longer but as you clean frequently, it will get shorter and look and be maintained as new. It is worthwhile especially when you plan to trade it in for a new car. This could save you a few thousand dollars at least.