Feeling insecure in relationship especially if you are with someone new is very reasonable. Especially if you have had a bad past relationship or your own inner insecurities have prevented you from having a successful romantic career it can be very hard to put confidence in your new partner. You begin to question his intentions or feelings towards you are real or honest as infidelity and cheating is so very rampant in relationships today that your worst fears might actually come true. Here are the signs a man loves you or using you

  1. Loves you: He stares at you all the time.

The cliché is actually true a man who cannot take his eyes off you even when in a committed relationship is true deal. Many men may admire you with their eye when you are all dolled up for a party but if a guy still looks at you adoringly everyday doing mundane things while you are dressed in bunny pyjamas and messy hair, he is not going anywhere for sure.

Loves you  He stares at you all the time

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  1. Uses you: He doesn’t make you feel special.

Among signs a man is using you, he will never give you the special status in his life and keep you in the brackets of his many past girlfriends and treat you like everyone else. He will not show any sign of special affection towards you and constantly compare with others to belittle you or to make you feel ordinary. Just run away from him.

Uses you He doesn’t make you feel special

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  1. Loves you: He doesn’t freak out even when you expect him to.

Among signs a man loves you, we all have done or said things in the past which we are not very proud of and its part of growing up in life. Everyone has skeletons in their closet and no one is perfect. If your partner knows your deepest darkest thoughts or past events and that does not freak him out or he never judges you for it then you have got the man for life.

Loves you He doesn’t freak out even when you expect him to

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  1. Uses you: You constantly feel guilty.

If your man constantly criticising you for everything that you do than he is a shallow man who does not love you at all. If you have this feeling that nothing that you do is good enough for him be it your cooking, career even the way you dress yourself, he is just the kind of man who would pull you down with his toxic opinions most of which are unsolicited.

Uses you You constantly feel guilty

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  1. Loves you: He’s more aware of how his behavior can affect you.

The sign of true love is that your partner not only knows and understands your weakness but also, he tries to change his approach and attitude towards you in specific situations when he observes you are vulnerable and will make you feel better and try to make you feel happy.

Loves you He’s more aware of how his behavior can affect you.

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  1. Uses you: He disappears on you.

You make plans but he wiggles out of the engagements at the last moment or he never bother texting or calling you for chat, until it’s some information, he needs for himself for you. He only hangs out with you when he is free or bored or convenient for him and never bothers about what you need.

Uses you He disappears on you

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  1. Loves you: He notices small details that make you happy.

He is so invested in you emotionally that he knows precisely what makes you happy or calm without you uttering a single word. They can just look at your face and make out whether you need a glass of bubbly or a cup of warm coffee to relax after your day at work.

Loves you He notices small details that make you happy

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  1. Uses you: He is never ready to compromise.

One of the signs a man is using you, he takes all the big decisions in life and even in the household and the relationships. Your opinion does not count for him at all. Even if he does ask you trust me it’s just a formality. He has no respect for anyone else except his own ego. If his biggest challenge is to accept his fault and say sorry even to his own partner, there is serious damages in this man.

Uses you He is never ready to compromise

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  1. Loves you: He opens up to you and expects you to do the same.

Among signs a man loves you, everyone has weaknesses about something or the other. A loving partner will always encourage you and make you feel confidant to overcome these hurdles and never hold you at ransom because he knows your weakness but try to turn it into your strength by always being next to you.

Loves you He opens up to you and expects you to do the same.

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  1. Uses you: He emotionally manipulates you.

He knows your strength and weaknesses and plans to utilise them to his benefit in some way. He manipulates you emotionally to benefit him and makes you feel guilty if you try to resist as he dominates you sentimentally. This is relationship should never be acceptable.

Uses you He emotionally manipulates you.

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  1. Loves you: He’s ready to talk through problems.

Among signs a man loves you, after an emotional outburst which is normal in any relation, he is still open to sit down and talk over the problems and sort it out for good shows he values you and does not want conflicts.

Loves you He’s ready to talk through problems.

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  1. Uses you: He provokes you to make public scenes or stays silent for days.

One of the signs a man is using you, he may publicly humiliates or screams at you in front of you. Or he goes into passive aggressive mode by staying silent for days which is emotional blackmailing. He things he is punishing you for your faults but in reality, a man in true love would not think of hurting you in anyway.

Uses you He provokes you to make public scenes or stays silent for days.

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