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14 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia That Every Women Should Know

14 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia That Every Women Should Know

Most women do not know how to come to terms with fibromyalgia until they get it; here are some early fibromyalgia symptoms you need to know.

What makes it more dangerous in fibromyalgia symptoms is that the pain is usually accompanied with mood or memory problems, extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Although inflammation is considered to be one of them major causes of the problem but unfortunately doctors have not been able to exactly point out the real fibromyalgia causes of this health issue yet. What’s worse is that this health condition has the tendency to magnify the pain receptors in brains which makes the body amplify the pain and discomfort experienced by the patients. Here are 14 early symptoms of fibromyalgia.

  1. Tiredness and fatigue

Among fibromyalgia symptoms, no matter how much rest or sleep you take, you will still feel tired and drained off at the end of the day. The body pain does not go away even after rest and mostly people feel tired just after getting up from their regular 8 hrs sleep at night in morning.

Tiredness and fatigue

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  1. Restless and poor quality of sleep

Apart from your constant companion the debilitating body pain, you would also suffer from poor quality sleep. The body discomfort does not allow you to relax which is so important to have a good sleep. No wonder the patients with this medical condition develop side problems like sleep apnea or sleep disorders as well like restless leg syndrome.

Restless and poor quality of sleep

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  1. Brain fogging

Also called the Fibro fog is yet another serious symptom of Fibromyalgia. This directly affects the cognitive abilities of brain, resulting into poor focus, limited attention span and getting easily distracted by even the minor of things. It leads to forgetfulness and you start losing or misplacing things. In fact, in some of the more serious condition the patients can’t even keep up with discussions and conversations with others as their brains processing gets slow. This is perhaps the scariest aspect of the disease for the patients then the pain and seep fewer nights combined. Minor signs of this could happen in the early symptoms of fibromyalgia without us knowing.

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  1. Anxiety and mood problems

In fibromyalgia, the chronic pain attacks the central nervous system in a negative way leading to panic attacks and anxiety. Add on with lack of sleep and rest patients have major mood swings and depressional bouts.

Anxiety and mood problems

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  1. Depression

Patients suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms are a ripe candidate for severe depression. with lack of sleep for anxiety and trauma. A patient gets scared and overwhelmed and this is an open invitation to depression to set in. To add to this deadly cocktail the utter feeling of helplessness creates mental problems as well. This is the time to get a professional help fast to at least help you regulate your sleep cycle so that you can handle the emotional upheavals and do not do anything drastic to yourself.

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  1. Increases sensory overload

A Fibromyalgia expert from the Albert Einstein College of medicine in New York claims, in fibromyalgia symptoms, it’s the brains unusual way of handling the pain and processing which causes so much discomfort and a painful sensation in the body. In simpler terms the patient feels over sensitive to pressure or touch, loud noise, sudden change in temperature and even change in taste of food. This same reason causes them to be extra susceptible to pain and discomfort in general.

Increases sensory overload

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  1. Irritable bowel syndrome

In early symptoms of fibromyalgia, one can experience Irritable metabolism and bowel movement Doctors have established that IBS and Fibromyalgia have common factors such as hyper sensitivity of brain reactions to smallest of stimuli in matters of touch, light and temperature fluctuations.

Irritable bowel syndrome

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  1. Painful menstrual periods

Women with this medical condition have magnified menstrual cramps because our brain simply amplifies the pain. You need to consult a physician for a suitable medication, always rest with your knees elevates and a hot water bag on your pelvis for some slight relief.

Painful menstrual periods

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  1. Body stiffness

Body stiffness especially while waking up in the morning is something which is experienced by 75% percent of Fibro patients. In fact, the physical rigidity is quite similar to rheumatism or arthritis. If this debilitating symptom continues with the pain consult your doctor immediately. Sometime these fibromyalgia symptoms fade within 15 minutes of waking up while in some cases it may last the whole day which is bad news.

Body stiffness

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  1. Trigger points that evoke pain or tenderness

In fibromyalgia symptoms tender points can be experienced too. These symptoms are again very similar to arthritis or rheumatic pain where the patients have some trigger points in their bodies which cause them acute pain. Since pressure causes the pain do not go for acupressure at all.

Trigger points that evoke pain or tenderness

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  1. Abnormal digestion

Along with IBS which we had discussed earlier, abnormal digestion and bloating sensation is also a symptom of fibromyalgia. Moe than 75% of the patients suffer from IBS, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux or commonly called GERD. The only way out is to consult your dietician and follow the strict dietary plans provided to you religiously.

Abnormal digestion

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  1. Numbness, swelling or tingling

About 50% of Fibro experience painful sensation called Parathesia, which make you feel you have needles and pins piercing your body. Although this sensation may last for few minutes but in some unfortunate circumstances it may last the whole day.

Numbness, swelling or tingling

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  1. Sensitivity to temperature

Fibromyalgia patients cannot control or regulate their body temperatures; thus, these temperature fluctuations end up as torture to the poor Fibro patients. For them their surrounding environments are either too hot or too cold again these are fibromyalgia symptoms are similar to arthritis.

Sensitivity to temperature

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  1. Itching and burning

Fibro patients usually complain about insane amount of itching and burning sensations. Even a small cut or rash can cause severe pain and discomfort to the patients with this medical condition.

Itching and burning

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What is the best way for fibromyalgia treatment?

The first logical course of action in fibromyalgia treatment is to consult a physician for proper and timely diagnosis and a fibromyalgia test which can prevent the situation escalating and the fibromyalgia symptoms.  Then there are some efforts which you can make at home as well as like trying to get sleep and rest no matter how hard it is. Make a fibromyalgia checklist of your symptoms. Learn the causes of fibromyalgia and Avoid sleeping at day time, stay away from caffeine, alcohol and spicy food especially before bed time as these items hyper stimulated the body as well as brain which is the last thing you would want.

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