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12 Sure Ways To Get Rid Of Headaches Without Relying On Medication | Magic Articles

12 Sure Ways To Get Rid Of Headaches Without Relying On Medication | Magic Articles

Are you suffering from headache pain and don’t know what to do? Follow these remedies to get rid of headaches faster

Many people are suffering these days from chronic headaches, it could be migraine, tension or stress induced pain taking over your head with its iron claws. Most of the time in such situations we are either stuck in work and cannot afford to take a break and lie down. So, we usually pop in pills like ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen etc for quick relief. It works sometimes but gradually it stops having effects or rather increases the chances of headaches even more! Here are some home remedies to get rid of headaches.

  1. Rethink your sleep schedule. | Magic Articles

One can easily follow this method called SEEDS- which is “sleep, eating, exercising, drinking, and stress” reduction. If you have migraines genes then any diversion from routine will induce pain, over sleeping or under sleeping both are dangerous. So, we must follow a regimented routine. Tension induced headaches are usually not severe or does not cause nausea, light, sound or smell sensitivity but the upper mentioned lifestyle changes can get rid of these types of headaches too. This also means no extra sleeping on the weekends or vacations; the sleep routine has to be strictly followed.

Rethink your sleep schedule.

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  1. Eat regular meals every day. | Magic Articles

Among remedies for headaches, start eating breakfast everyday if you are not doing it already. Always keep your body fully charged with healthy diet and snacks throughout the day. This will keep headaches at bay. If it is not possible to eat proper meals a day due to work or travel keep yourself full with nuts and fruits as snacks.

Eat regular meals every day.

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  1. Hit the gym. | Magic Articles

One of the remedies to get rid of headaches is working out while having a head splitting headache may not sound very smart but there is a logic behind it. Exercise releases endorphins which are natural pain killers of our body. Try for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity work outs for a week like cycling, jogging, walking, swimming.

Hit the gym.

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  1. Stay well hydrated. | Magic Articles

Dehydration is well known trigger for migraine so keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to get rid of headaches. Usually 8 cups a day is enough but you might need more if there is change in temperature, humidity, sweating, medications etc. Also, when we sleep, we are in a way inducing subclinical dehydration so first thing in the morning is to drink a glass of water. Keep a 16-ounce water container near your bed stand.

Stay well hydrated.

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  1. Keep stress in check. | Magic Articles

I know this one is easier said than done but we can do something when stress plays havoc in our heads causing pain. Among remedies for headaches, start progressive muscle relaxing exercise that unclenches the tensed muscles causing the headache. This how you do it Focus on mind on a specific body part may be the muscles of your hands. Inhale and squeeze a tight fist and keep your fist tight for at least 8 seconds. Release the tension by exhaling and quickly opening up your fist and feeling the muscles relax and tensions reducing. Repeat the same exercise with different muscles groups, starting from your feet to your face.

Keep stress in check.

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  1. Drink some coffee. | Magic Articles

Among remedies for headaches, if you are regular coffee drinker and suddenly miss out on your caffeine intake one day it can have withdrawal effects and cause headaches. Drinking too many caffeinated drinks causes headaches so try to regulate your caffeine intake 150 mg per day which is about 2 ounces of cup of coffee each day.

Drink some coffee.

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  1. Reach for an ice pack or hot pack. | Magic Articles

One of the remedies to get rid of headaches. Both are equally effective the choice is yours. The ice pack numbs the pain in the area and hot packs increases the blood flow to the region which causes the pain to subside in both migraine as well as routine headaches. Stand underneath the shower if you are at home and let the hot water hit the back of your head.

Reach for an ice pack or hot pack.

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  1. Get a massage. | Magic Articles

It usually works well with stress induced or tension induced headaches. Massaging releases the tensions from the trigger points and that drastically reduces the pain. Have your friend press on your trapezius muscles in your shoulders. Also massage the temples and behind the ears for faster relief.

Get a massage.

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  1. Seek out a dark, quiet room. | Magic Articles

People with chronic headaches cannot abide bright lights as the brain is usually photo sensitive during an attack of migraine or headache. Noise also has the same effect. So, try to distance yourself from these two aggravators and put off the lights and blinds of the room and stuff your headphones. If you cannot then close your eyes and rest down your head for a while.

Seek out a dark, quiet room.

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  1. Take a break from screens. | Magic Articles

Digital eye strain or computer screen syndrome is most common cause of headaches these days. It could be the computer, HD TV, phone, Tablet which can trigger headaches. So, follow a 20-20-20 rule which means take your eyes off the screen for 20 seconds to view something 20 feet away after every 20 minutes.

Take a break from screens.

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  1. Try a vitamin B2 supplement. | Magic Articles

Among remedies for headaches, good dosages of vitamin b2 supplement have shown reduction in headaches. Take 400 mg per day of riboflavin has a great effect on adult migraine patients.

Try a vitamin B2 supplement.

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  1. Keep a diary to identify triggers. | Magic Articles

Keep a journal to track down the symptoms of onset of headache or migraine also the potential triggers which might be causing them it could be food items or certain drinks.MSG, aged cheese, artificial sweetener are common triggers. Red wine, bourbons causes more pain than gin or vodka.