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12 Signs You Are Eating Way Too Much Sugar | Magic Articles

12 Signs You Are Eating Way Too Much Sugar | Magic Articles

You may not recognize the signs you are eating too much sugar because it may not seem so but pay attention to these signs of high blood sugar

Its popular misconception that only diabetics have high blood sugar in their system, but high sugar content to the extent of being dangerous can be observed in any average person who is seemingly healthy. The worst part is that most of the people with high blood sugar in their systems do not even realise the problem and suffer from damages done to their nerves, blood vessels, and other vital organs.

In order to avoid future health problems here are some signs of high blood sugar which will alert you that you are consuming too much sugar and can control yourself if you are self-aware.

  1. Constant hunger | Magic Articles

Among signs of high blood sugar, High blood sugar content prevents glucose to be well absorbed in the blood streams and the body, as a result the body does not receive its quota of energy it needs and asks for nutrition replenishment several times a day leading to over eating and high levels of sugar entering in the body. It’s a vicious cycle.

Constant hunger

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  1. Increased fatigue | Magic Articles

If the body has a high blood sugar level, it is unable to store it and absorb the glucose properly and efficiently. Therefore, the energy is also used inefficiently and the body cells do not get the required amount of fuel to be active and alert for the day. This results in constant exhaustion and fatigue the whole day long from morning to night.

Increased fatigue

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  1. Frequent urination | Magic Articles

If you have high blood sugar in the body then the kidneys are unable to process it and are cannot to reabsorb the fluids. Therefore, our body tries to equalize the glucose content in the blood and the cells by dissolving the blood with intracellular fluid, thus bringing the glucose to its normal level resulting into your frequent loo visits.

Frequent urination

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  1. Dry mouth, excessive thirst | Magic Articles

 It does not take rocket science to understand that parched mouth and constant thirst means your body is severely dehydrated due to severe fluid loss. These are one of the signs of high blood sugar. The hypothalamus which actually gauges our level of thirst and need of hydration in our body, sends signals your brains which makes you feel thirsty and you drink more and more water. Try to drink tea or plain water with no sugar content and no colas at all.

Dry mouth, excessive thirst

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  1. Weight loss | Magic Articles

No matter how much calories you are in taking and frequent meals you are partaking, if you have high glucose levels in your blood streams you will lose weight quickly. There are reasons for it. Fluid loss due to frequent urination lowers the fluid level in the body resulting in weight loss.

Also, if the insulin level in your body is insufficient to metabolise the glucose in your body, the body will automatically switch to fat burning mode. Finally, high amount of urination with large levels of glucose makes the body spend more calories. This the way our body dumps extra glucose.

Weight loss

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  1. Infectious diseases | Magic Articles

Both men and women can suffer from urinary tract infection or UTI and yeast infections. But usually the percentage is often higher in women due to high sugar levels and diabetes. A large amount of sugar in the system creates an ideal environment for development of yeast and bacteria.

Infectious diseases

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  1. Dry skin | Magic Articles

High blood sugar can be connected to dry skin in various ways such as excessive urination which dehydrates the body to such an extent that even the skin starts to look and feel dry. Atherosclerosis is leg skin problem which hardens and narrows the arteries and reduces the blood circulation, this is a common symptom in a diabetic patient.

Also damaged nerves can disrupt the normal operation of sweat glands which affects the skin-water balance making the skin look stretched and dry.

Dry skin

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  1. Concentrating difficulties | Magic Articles

High sugar levels prevent glucose to enter our brains cells, which is why the brain experiences difficulties in obtaining energy. This reduces the brain agility and the speed of thinking and decision making.
Concentrating difficulties

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  1. Blurred vision | Magic Articles

Blurred vision due to high blood sugar levels are something to be disturbed about because it is serious as it affects the cells of our eyes. This results in deformation of the cells and the eye loses its ability to focus. Get immediate help as it can escalate to complete loss of vision sometimes.
Blurred vision

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  1. Slow healing of wounds and cuts | Magic Articles

Among signs of high blood sugar, there is a considerable vascular damage due to high concentration of blood sugar. The blood circulation gets slow especially to our limbs and that’s why insufficient heating nutrition reaches the wounds. So, the wound which in normal circumstances should start healing in hours or days takes weeks or months to get better.

Slow healing of wounds and cuts

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  1. Impotence | Magic Articles

High blood glucose is the main culprit most of the time for erectile dysfunctions. As we all know a healthy erection needs healthy nerves, good blood flow, and proper hormonal balance. But excess of sugar badly affects each and every aspect of these systems.


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  1. Irritability | Magic Articles

High blood sugar content in the system causes the person to be chronically in a bad mood. They are always irritable, anxious and moody. They are greatly prone to depressions as well. Our brain needs a regulated supple of sugar to elevate mood but a sudden spike in sugar adversely effects the functions and our mood gets worse all of a sudden.


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