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11 Serious Mistakes That Even Experts of Healthy Eating Make

11 Serious Mistakes That Even Experts of Healthy Eating Make

If you want to know the so called healthy foods that are actually bad for you, then read about these 11 mistakes that most people make while abiding by a healthy diet.

There are several people who try their best to start a healthy lifestyle yet are unsuccessful in meeting their fitness and weight loss goals inspite of trying hard to do so. In most cases, the biggest culprit is a wrong understanding of diet where you may be eating healthy foods that are actually bad for you.  You may be confident that what you are eating is going to keep you healthy but that’s not the case because  what you may know about healthy products could be false. To help you make a wiser diet choice and starts considering what you thought were unhealthy foods that are actually healthy take a look at the food myths below.

  1. We choose organic products

Science has no evidence about the health standards of organic food. What most people know is that they are grown using natural pesticides, but what side effects these may cause has still not been established. An eco mark on the label is not necessarily a symbol of health and is more of a marketing ploy. Always pay attention to origin, content and appearance of the product.


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  1. We prefer products without gluten

Gluten has been touted as something extremely harmful for health especially for those with celiac disease.  But gluten intolerance is not an issue with everyone and just 1% suffer from celiac. Because if this we stay away from so called unhealthy foods that are actually healthy. Science hasn’t even proved how avoiding gluten products improve health, your healthy rolled oats also contain gluten and so do many foods that won’t make you unhealthy. New research says that avoiding gluten totally increases risk of cardiovascular issues because of not integrating healthy grains into the diet.


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  1. We buy low-fat products

In pursuing a healthy lifestyle, we make the mistake of purchasing healthy foods that are actually bad for you. People rush for low fat products but what they don’t understand is that manufacturers replace fat with different ingredients to maintain flavor like sugar, flavoring, stabilizers and trans fats all of which are unhealthy. Fat to a moderate extent is sometime required in a balanced diet and needs to be avoided only in medical conditions or if you are overweight. In other conditions, just purchasing products with low percentage of fat is ok.


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  1. We drink fruit juices

Fruit juices are definitely among foods touted as healthy foods that are actually bad for you. They have high sugar content and no fiber of the fruit. They are also loaded with synthetic ingredients for enhancement which makes your appetite increase and crave more food leading to weight gain. You need to eat fresh fruit instead.


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  1. We eat energy bars.

Energy bars are promoted as healthy snacks on the go and sold in health forums and health stores but they aren’t as healthy as you think. It is the high sugar content, chocolate glaze, caramel, additives and artificial flavors that make them bad for you. They are the same as sugary foods and possess calories equal to a full course lunch. To satisfy your sweet tooth, eat some dark chocolate which many feel are not good but this is one among unhealthy foods that are actually healthy.


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  1. We eat dried fruits

The health factor of dried fruits depends on how they were cooked, produced or stored.  Such fruits are processed with chemicals before drying to increase shelf life but destroy their nutrient benefits. It is ideal to make dried fruits at home instead of purchasing them.  You should also purchase dried fruits that look rough and don’t look too shiny, glazed and overtly attractive.


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  1. We prefer eggs with a brown shell

This is a myth because the color of an egg depends on the breed of the hen and the color of the yolk denotes what foods they were being fed. Choose eggs that have been stored in healthy conditions and how they look. You need to choose clean uncracked eggs and which have been stored in the cooling shelves or a fridge.


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  1. We drink sports drinks

The sports industry is strongly connected with the nutrition industry and such commercial sports nutrition products are all considered healthy. But, many sports drinks contain sweetened soda water, corn syrup and artificial colorants, enhancers and additives. Regardless of their promotions, they won’t quench your thirst during training and will end up decreasing your ability for a good workout. You need to make a sports drink at home which would be ideal and safe.


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  1. We purchase imported products

Many of assume that foreign is better. It can be true to some extent, but not always. Seasonal local products are healthier than imported ones. Imported apples go through months of storage till they reach you while naturally grown local apples sold instantly will contain a higher level of nutrients in comparison to an exotic imported fruit. While purchasing imported fruits, look for origin, date and composition.


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  1. We buy granola

Granola along with the iron and fiber also contain oils making the product useless for health making it among healthy foods that are actually bad for you. However, there are some granola products containing  low levels of harmful elements which is why you should look at the label before purchasing.


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  1. We limit food quantity but forget about calories.

Do you know that two boiled eggs contain 188 calories while 1 fried egg contains 160 calories? So is it with eating a fried egg that has been laced with oil? Boiled eggs are a far healthier option. Do not always judge foods on surface level because there are some unhealthy foods that are actually healthy.


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