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10 Unbelievably Stunning Amazing Things and Places You Never Knew Could Exist

10 Unbelievably Stunning Amazing Things and Places You Never Knew Could Exist

Here are 10 amazing things and places in nature that you will never have seen before. They are truly stunning and beautiful and worth a watch

Our world is truly amazing beyond belief and there is more to nature than you could ever hope to imagine. There are stunning sights in the world so magnificent, you would think you’re in a dream. That being said, it is beyond impossible to see each and every beautiful place n earth which is why we at peppy post bring you beautiful articles like this one that shows you 10 Amazing things in Nature that you won’t believe actually exist.

  1. Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia


Image Source:i.pinimg.com

Called also Salar de Uyuni, these are the world’s largest salt flats covering 10,582 sq km of land. The salt flats are situated in Southwestern Bolivia and was created by the transformation of prehistoric lakes that left water salted crust on the surface millions of years ago. The Salar Di Uyuni is a beautiful and spectacular sight that looks like a mirrored wonderland.

  1. Giant Crystal Cave in Naica, Mexico


Image Source:gohighbrow.com

These are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful among Amazing things in nature you will ever see. The crystal caves in Naica Mexico are a sight to behold and are the largest crystal formations anywhere in the world. The crystals were formed over millions of years due to the consistent temperature of 136 Fahrenheit. No other place on earth exists where you can witness the beauty of crystals.

  1. Pink Lake Hillier in Australia


Image Source:nowiknow.com

This incredible pink lake in the western Islands Australia is different from a conventional lake that is usually colored blue, brown or maybe green. The lake color is an unbelievable phenomenon that makes it look like bubble gum. Scientists are still trying to figure out how it originated and many feel its because of the high salt levels in the water. In fact, lake Hillier is ten times saltier than any ocean and is a perfect breeding ground for a type of algae that produced pigment compound which absorb beta carotene light making the lake appear pink.

  1. Frozen Air Bubbles in Abraham Lake

Frozen Air Bubbles in Abraham Lake

Image Source:jennexplores.com

If you travel to Abraham lake in Alberta Canada, you’ll come across a rare phenomenon of beautiful methane air bubbles that freeze and melt repeatedly as they try to escape to the surface. Decomposed plants and animals sink to the lake bed and interact with bacteria that breaks down the organic matter to release methane. In summer the methane escapes to the air but when the lake freezes in wnter, the methane has no outlet creating the phenomena.

  1. Spiderweb Cocooned Trees in Pakistan


Image Source:allthatsinteresting.com

Among amazing things, this is almost like an eerie vision where these cocooned ghost trees are nothing but a survival attempt of millions of spiders that live in this region of Sindh in Pakistan. The spiders have created beautiful geometrical homes the trees. The spiders sought out shelter in the trees when a huge flood occurred in 2010 forcing them to make homes on higher levels.

  1. Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo Maldives


Image Source:whenonearth.net

Maldives in itself is like a dream destination and Vadhoo is ethereal and stunning. The shining beaches are the result of bioluminescent Phyto plankton that glow in the dark, a defense mechanism against predators.

  1. Crystalline Turquoise Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park, China


Image Source:news.cgtn.com

This is an incredible place located in Jiuzhaigou Valley, part of the Min Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. It is popular for its colorful lakes and waterfalls and snowcapped mountains. The Turquoise Lake is one of the main attractions of the Jiuzhaigou National Park, China and gets its unique appearance from the crystal-clear water that has been untouched by people for decades. In China it is known as the Five Flower Lake of China because of its five distinct colors like turquoise, blue, yellow and green.

  1. Dutch village of Giethoorn


Image Source:cdn.pixabay.com

This is one village where people travel by water because there are no roads eradicating the factor of pollution. Giethoorn in the Netherlands is a beautiful and picture-perfect village with stunning cottages that increase it beauty. The hamlet is a collection of islands where people travel by bike, foot or boat.

  1. The Guaita Fortress


Image Source:upload.wikimedia.org

Now this is one incredibly beautiful area that will stun you because of its panoramic views. The Guaita fortress is the oldest among three towers that were constructed on the Monte Titano in the 11th century. It first served as a prison for a short while. The towers are also depicted on the coat of arms and national flag of San Marino.

  1. Gardens of Hekligan

Gardens of Hekligan

One of the most amazing things you will ever see. In Cornwall, southwest England, there is a garden called the Gardens of Hekligan that looks straight out of a fairytale. It is Europe’s largest restoration project spanning 200 acres and is a beautiful place for a romantic walk. The most noted feature of the gardens is the iconic Mud Maid sculpture that was crafted by local artists in 1997. It changes color and appearance with different seasons making the maid a living sculpture