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10 Things Women Unknowingly Do That Can Attract Men Like a Magnet | Magic Articles

10 Things Women Unknowingly Do That Can Attract Men Like a Magnet | Magic Articles

Women usually attract men because of several things although it is these ten things that they do that attract men more than usual

Some like short, petite women, some like big made women, some like plump and fleshy ones and other drool over the tall leggy lasses. In these modern times men have also started selecting women apart from their physical appearance and their preferences have changes over the time. So here 10 things women do that attract men towards them.

  1. Voice and manner of speaking | Magic Articles

Men do not like women with squeaky and high-pitched voices like that of Ellen Page or Kim Kardashian but prefer soft, feminine voices like yesteryears actresses had like Monroe and Hepburn’s. This is possibly because these soft voices reflect youth, feminity and beauty or at least attractiveness. As women get older their voices tend to break and become grating so younger you sound more men will gravitate towards you. Also, they prefer women who speak and use words and speech similar to them which makes them open for communication and easier to create a bond.

Voice and manner of speaking

  1. Height | Magic Articles

Among things women do that attract men; it’s a common knowledge that men prefer women who are shorter than them with difference in height ranging from 7-8 inches. But many men themselves are not exactly super tall so they prefer women who are equal to them in height. I guess it has something to do with male ego, but I might be wrong.


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  1. Age | Magic Articles

We have socially conditioned ourselves over centuries where it’s acceptable to have the male partners older than their female partners. But modern trend is changing and we many charming couples from different walks of life and industries where wives or girlfriends are older than their men.

Among things that women do that attract men it is men aged between 20-30 years prefer women aged around 25-26 because this is the time, they are highly fertile. It is all because of evolution and their decision might not be a conscious one as well but they usually end up having a bunch of kids.

Now men over 30 do not go by that rule, and they criterion for choosing a partner is much more than just physical attractiveness and more of a psychological and intellectual match.


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  1. Eye color | Magic Articles

Researchers from the University of Norway concluded that that men with blue eyes preferred blue eyed women too. Because they believe their choice was correct depending upon the eye colour of the future off springs. Same way men with brown or green eyes do not go for blue eyed women. But ironically even if the parents have the same eye colour like blue, they may end having a kid with brown eyes.

Eye color

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  1. Makeup | Magic Articles

A 2014 research claimed that men always go for women who are not caked up in make up all the time and go for a more modest look or minimal make up look. That’s the most ironic part because women in reality do not like to wear heavy makeup themselves and they do it thinking men prefer them like that which is the complete opposite to the general fact. So extremely bright and loud make up may actually push your man away from you so go for the natural look and be yourself, that’s what men really want.


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  1. Waist-hip ratio | Magic Articles

Men tend to remember well when it comes to an ideal waist to hip ration in women which helps them you choose their partners. According to a research the ideal ratio is 0.7 and its very easy to calculate too. Measure the waist and the hip and then divide by the girth of hips with the girth of waist.

Models like Kate Moss, Marylyn Monroe, Kelly Brooks and Jessica Alba have ideal waist to hip ratio although all of them have different body shapes.

Waist-hip ratio

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  1. Limbal rings | Magic Articles

Among things that women do that attract men, limbal rings are the dark ring around the iris and women with wider limbal rings have a longer line of suitors behind them. Well scientifically the logic behind this is that wider limbal ring suggests youth but many older women may also have wide limbal ring in their eyes with the same effect on men of any age.

Limbal rings

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  1. Hair color | Magic Articles

A research in France wanted to see what hair colour men preferred more in a dance club, blondes, brunettes or red-haired ones. Also, the conclusion offered that men invited blonde women more often to dance with them in a party, second were the brunettes with red haired being the least attractive of all. The experts think this does not necessarily have anything to do with the colour of the hair, but how the hair colour suits with the complexion of the lady. So, it was in fact the skin colour of the red-haired women which was considered least attractive to men.

Hair color

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  1. Length of legs | Magic Articles

Men prefer women with longer legs but in no way, it contradicts the fact that they adore petite women too. It’s actually the relative length of the legs to the body of the woman. So, you don’t need to be long legged model to attract men but if your legs are in proportion with the rest of the body you are already slaying men without you even noticing it.

Length of legs

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  1. Lumbar curvature | Magic Articles

This is a universal feature which men actually die for, the perfect lumber curvature in their women which is basically the angle between the back and buttocks should be 45.5 degrees ideally. This criterion in is built in a man’s head thanks to evolution.

This has a reason though, the curvature usually prevented women having back pains during pregnancies as it still does now. Of course, every woman experiences back pains during pregnancy but ladies with lower curvature experience extreme pain.