In the words of Albert Einstein, just because a monkey can climb a tree and an elephant cannot does not make elephants less intelligent! Today’s educational system is greatly flawed as from the day the child enters the school and passes out of university, he is not judged by how much he knows or gained from the experience but rather how much he scored so that he gets a good job and is financially successful in life. So, disregarding the scores and CGPA’s you have gained in your exams there are other criterions which shows how intelligent, knowledgeable and truly intelligent you are. Here are ten genuine signs of intelligence.

  1. You are an empathetic person

Empathy helps you to connect with other individuals in spiritual and emotional level and understand their joys and pain. According to scientists those with higher emotional quotients are considered extremely intelligent and smart simply because they are considerate and are in tune with other people‘s emotions and sentiments.

We all know empathy connects two people even if they are complete strangers in a very intimate way, but in order to do that and get into the other person’s mind and heart you need to be extremely intelligent and intuitive which only a smart person can achieve.

You are an empathetic person


  1. You understand how much you don’t know

Among signs of intelligence, the biggest sign that you are much smarter than the ordinary lot is the fact when you acknowledge the fact that there is so much in the world you do not know and are ignorant of and have an insatiable hunger to know more .It shows you are a true learner and observer and wants to keep an open mind to ideas, solutions and customs and are always willing to absorb more knowledge.

You understand how much you don’t know


  1. You admit that you still have much to learn

You accept that there is a lot to learn from all spectrums of life and learning never stops. You also have the courage to accept your mistakes and past follies and move on without guilt. This makes you open minded to change your approach to life and be open minded to any change. It makes you confident and better decisions maker and gives the ability to stick to your belief against the majority naysayers.

You admit that you still have much to learn


  1. You love being curious and want to know more

Children who are curious by nature have a better chance to be great intellectuals when they grow up, because curiosity opens the door for knowledge and experiences. A person who is not curious about anything will never go beyond the small circle of rut of his life and remain in that beaten track all his life.

  1. You don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself

You’ll come across many obnoxious people in work and family who claim and truly believe they are the experts and know everything under the sun. Any opinion which benefits or resonates with their tiny minds they consider that as a proof of their great intelligence. Unfortunately, such people have not developed in to mature individuals let alone intelligent people. They believe they have high cognitive abilities and know-it-all and boast it to the world through words and actions and big speeches. Whereas a genius will never pretend to know a lot and accept what they do not know trust me when you compare the two individuals the first one turns out to be a complete dunce.

You don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself


  1. You are quick in sarcasm and even like making random jokes

One of the signs of intelligence is being witty and sarcastic or even funny takes brain. An idiot can never make anyone laugh but rather annoy others. But on the other hand, a guy who dead pans every time he speaks but the people around him roll over in laughter is a sign; he is extremely intelligent and sharp person. In simpler terms a dumb person cannot have any sense of humour either to understand or make a joke.

You are quick in sarcasm and even like making random jokes

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  1. You prefer solitude and don’t like unnecessary conversation or useless actions

Intelligent people prefer to spend more time with themselves and their thought, they may be a bit aloof in their own rooms or with a book or a head phones in their ears to shut off the noise. They are usually introverts by nature but if their profession needs it, they can be very social but it’s all a façade. They make few friends and rather than gallivanting about in malls or useless social calls they prefer sitting in the house with a book.

You prefer solitude and don’t like unnecessary conversation or useless actions


  1. Intelligent people prefer being night owls and work in the oddest hours for most productivity

Intelligent people are usually night owls and they are at their creative best at the deadest of nights. The solitude, silence the feeling of being left alone triggers great thoughts. But it should not be confused with insomnia which is a medical condition and can lead to cognitive decline and memory fade.


Intelligent people prefer being night owls and work in the oddest hours for most productivity


  1. You enjoy chewing gum

All through our school life and at house we have been chastised for chewing gum as being rude and disrespectful but the reality is the act of chewing gum increases the cognitive performance, improves memory and alertness. Also chewing gum is one of the signs of intelligence and has chemicals which help more blood circulation in the brains; in fact it creates a link in the brain through which the person can better archive memories and ideas in brains.

You enjoy chewing gum


  1. You take frequent power naps

Among signs of intelligence, people who take power naps during the day are smarter than the rest and it has been scientifically tested and proven. Short naps help the brains to get rest from stress and rejuvenate itself for better cognitive performance. So, its s no rocket science to understand the advantages of powernaps during the day.