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10 Easy and Sure Ways to Lose Weight after Forty

10 Easy and Sure Ways to Lose Weight after Forty

Are you above forty and trying to lose weight? Then follow these ten tips below that will help you in your weight loss goals

According to recent study a human body has a 5% reduction in its metabolism every subsequent decade after we hit 40. This means, women especially have to cut nearly 100 calories from their diet to remain fit and healthy. Here are some ways to lose weight after forty to remain in shape instead of burning money in gyms and doing heavy duty exercises.

  1. Do the right exercises

As the metabolism gradually slows down one must continue the 30 minutes cardio exercise along with 4-5 resistance training in a week too. Workouts like step-ups, crunches, clams, bird dog and push ups are very important, but most importantly walking at least 10000 steps a day is mandatory. The combined effects are boosted metabolism, elevates mood, and burnt calories.

10 Easy and Sure Ways to Lose Weight after Forty

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  1. Stay away from bogus diets and pills

It might be very tempting to join a bogus diet or take harmful pills or medications just because it boasts to reduce your body fat you have in a week. Don’t fall for these trashes. These techniques are not medically regulated and are harmful.

Stay away from bogus diets and pills

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  1. Set realistic goals

When you want to lose weight after forty, do not stress yourself for a miraculous weight loss in a week or a month but aim for gradually decrease like1-2Lb/ week. Its reachable and reasonable goals which will you keep you away from any pressure and motivate you to have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. All these will help you in wrong run with no side effects.

Set realistic goals

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  1. Get your vitamins

For every lady over 40 your body needs extra calcium, Vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin D, Omega -3 and probiotics in their daily diets. Moreover, these elements are found in tasty and interesting food items such as avocadoes, dried apricots, bananas. Calcium can be easily obtained from almonds and yoghurt and get tanned naturally for your dose of Vitamin D. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

Get your vitamins

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  1. Stay on schedule

One must follow a regulated meal time and not indulge in random and sporadic eating binge. Do not skip meals as it messes up with the natural metabolism and the body automatically starts storing calories instead of burning them, and you thought you get thin if you skip meals or eat less! You could not be further than truth.

Stay on schedule

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  1. Never skip breakfast

When trying to lose weight after forty, most importantly, having a substantial breakfast is absolutely necessary because it recharges your body for the whole day and keep your hunger pangs at bay during the day. Night time binging is bad for any age group so avoid it. So, stay away from refrigerator at night and stop zombie sleep eating, enlist a family member to stop you from doing it if you are unaware of your nightly feasts.

Never skip breakfast

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  1. Don’t forget to rest

A proper good night’s sleep and rest is great for mind as well as body when you trying to lose weight after forty. It keeps you thin as well. How? Well sleep deprivation makes us take wrong decisions about everything including eating. We tend to eat junk and usually overeat adding unnecessary calories which are far more than required by the body, it will make you even skip workouts and make you lethargic. Most importantly it messes up with ghrelin and leptin, two crucial hormones which indicates the brain when we are full. So, you might keep eating without noticing even as these hormones are not functioning well due to sleep deprivation.

Don’t forget to rest

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  1. Turn down the heat

It may sound weird but cooler environment helps our body burn more calories, even while we are asleep. Logic is simpler, since the room is cold and our body needs to be comfortably warm so it works hard to burn calories to stay warm. Since all adults have two different types of fats, white one which is bad and increases weight and brown one which is good as it burns calories, so we need to keep the brown one as much active as possible.

Best way is to keep your home temperature at 19 degrees to lose a few pounds. So, gather a comforter and make your air conditioner lower. No doubt it is a cool way to lose weight (pun intended).

Turn down the heat

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  1. Drink enough water

Some people are prone to bloating after a heavy meal, and they wrongly handle the problem by drinking less water or cutting it out completely for hours at stretch! But in reality, water actually decreases bloating and burn more calories.

Water is the perfect agent for detoxifying your body, also if you drink a glass of meal before you eat it cuts down your appetite so that you eat less and also reduces the number of calories you’ll consume. Drinking cold water is even better as the body will work harder to warm it up and in process burn calories too. So, keep a bottle of chilled water in your bag always.

Drink enough water

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  1. Get your health checked out

When wanting to lose weight after forty, sometimes all the efforts you are making to lose weight seems to be going to waste and having no positive results. So, it means it is time to detoxify your liver and your thyroid has to be checked up. These 2 are most common causes of weight gain after 40, though they are several other possible reasons too. In this case you need to get yourself checked by a physician. Liver issues can be improved by change in lifestyle and eating habits but thyroid issues needs to be medically dealt with as its more complex. You would need to take proper medications for the de-escalation of thyroid inflammations.

Get your health checked out

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