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10 Clean Kitchen Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Clean When You Cook

10 Clean Kitchen Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Clean When You Cook

Are you trying to keep your kitchen clean but not successful? Here are ten clean kitchen tips to help you out

How to clean a kitchen fast is always a task. Cooking itself would not be such a chore if cleaning the whole kitchen and the dining spaces were not involved in the process. As if cutting, washing the veggies and meats and prepping the meal before starting the actual process of cooking or baking was not time consuming enough.  Always keep clean kitchen checklist. Cleaning the dishes and the kitchen area adds on to the drudgery of the work and sucks out all the fun of eating a meal together with friends and family. Here are 10 how to clean kitchen tips which would take the nightmare elements out of cleaning after a meal and planning a lunch or dinner wouldn’t be a matter of trepidation anymore.

  1. Cook simpler meals

This probably is a no brainer, if you are planning to call your friends and family for dinner it’s to spend some quality time with them over a tasty meal not for just slogging alone in kitchen while rest are eating and a having nice time. So, plan for simple dishes which do not need your constant presence over or gas stove and can be prepared fast without much agonising.

Cook simpler meals

  1. Starts with a clean kitchen.

Among clean kitchen tips, make it a habit to keep your cooking area neat and organised even if you do not use it regularly. So, when you do decide to throw a party and cook 4 course meals you wouldn’t be distracted by the dirt and mess already making your kitchen look like a war zone,. You need to know how to clean a kitchen fast to serve guests. This will just make you give up and order a takeout instead. Rather if you do some cleaning a day before or the morning of the dinner than the organised kitchen would be welcoming and motivate you to create your culinary masterpieces.

Starts with a clean kitchen

  1. Clean while you wait

Make a clean kitchen checklist. It seems you are done with the heavy-duty cooking and are left with some time in hand before your guest start arriving. Use this time to organise your dining space and kitchen. So, while the soup pot is boiling or oven is busy with the baking you in the meantime can dust the kitchen properly, arrange all the dishes on the table, load the dish washer and wipe away the kitchen counters squeaky clean with some kitchen cleaning  liquid. This in between-the-cooking-gaps can be wonderful if you know how to utilise them.

Clean while you wait

  1. Let the water out of your sink immediately

Among clean kitchen tips, it’s an elementary step for any housewife or a cook but if you forget to empty your dirty sink water in will turn ugly, stinky and cold where you’ll have to put your hands inside to take out the congealed wastes to throw in the dustbin and let the waste water drain out...Gross. If done promptly after cooking this process is quick and clean and easier to scrub the sink with a scrub pad without any hassle.

Let the water out of your sink immediately

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  1. Wipe put the sink after washing the dishes

How to clean a kitchen fast includes a sink too. If you fight your squeamishness and clear-out all the food remains in the sink and discard them to the waste box it will not be scary to clean the sink anymore. Once all the scrapes are thrown away and the sink is wiped clean it’ gives a great sense of accomplishment and you are ready for another bout of cutting and cleaning in your spanking clean sink.

Wipe put the sink after washing the dishes

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  1. Clean up spills ASAP

Many of us while cooking spill gravy or curry on the stove or kitchen counter and let it be only to be cleaned up later on because its annoying, time taking and we feel lazy. But these stains dry up and become a monster when you actually decide to clean them up as then you realise they need to be scrubbed like a maniac, which would have been just wiped away if it was wiped the moment they were spilled with kitchen cleaning liquid.

the stove or kitchen counter

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  1. Clean as you go

This means you can cook as well as organise the kitchen simultaneously which will save time and keep the kitchen clean even while cooking. Just be aware that all the condiments used are put back in shelves with their lids fastened, all the spatulas and spoons are promptly put in the sink after use and left on the counter. Same applies to all the utensils which have been used but are sitting in the counter of the kitchen island uselessly taking up space. Immediately put them in dishwasher.

Clean as you go

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  1. Have a compost/Trash Bowl

Among clean kitchen tips, keep a dedicated scrape box or compost box in which you can just dump all the vegetable and fruits peels, seeds, spilled juices etc in fact scrape and peel all your veggies directly in these boxes. Once every preparation is done, these boxes can be emptied as compost for your kitchen garden and your garden patch will thank you for your fresh supply of manure.

Have a compost or Trash Bowl

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  1. A place for everything

This is by far the most important tip to be remembered by everyone who ever has a functional kitchen in their houses. Modern kitchenettes come with a lot many drawers and shelves and modular kitchen have dedicated shelves for every conceivable kitchen utensil you can possibly have. Since you have the space, start the habit of putting all your cooking and kitchen stuffs in their designated spaces. This will make your kitchen look splendid as well make it easier to find any specific item when you need them.

A place for everything

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  1. Have a set days and time for kitchen duties

Make a clean kitchen checklist. We all are very busy these days and kitchen cleaning and organising comes way low in our priority list these days. But if we dedicated some hours of a day in the week for some quick dusting and arranging of our kitchen it will go a long way. You can also have look at the supplies and discard the ones which are old and also keep a tab on your supplies which needs to be replenished etc.

Have a set days and time for kitchen duties

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