If you still haven’t seen the greatest showman when it hit screens in 2017, then you should mainly because of the greatest showman piano connection because there is much more to the music of the movie in relation to its historical figure based upon and that is P.T.Barnum and his relationship with singer Jenny Lind. Here is all you need to know about the music connection of the brilliant movie and its soundtrack The Greatest Showman never enough which also has some interesting facts behind it brought to you by Magic Articles.

  1. The greatest showman piano connection

The greatest showman piano connection has showed how the film musical is still a reckoning force in Hollywood. The movie starred Hugh Jackman in the main role and is a fictionalized musical based on the real showman P.T.Barnum. In fact the Greatest Showman piano connection dates back to the history of the piano industry.

The greatest showman piano connection

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  1. P.T. Barnum & Jenny Lind

P.T.Barnum in 1950 helped Swedish Singer Jenny Lind tour the USA. Till that time he was projected as a showman catering to low brow entertainment and the Lind Tour would be a new endeavor to raise the class of his reputation as an entertainer. Barnum paid Lind $1,000 for every performance which was later increased after the huge popularity of the cross country tour.

PT Barnum and Jenny Lind

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  1. Lind was made into a household name

Among facts about The Greatest Showman piano connection, Barnum made Lind into a household name even before she arrived in America where no one had any idea who she was previous to that. She was greeted with thousands of spectators at the port of New York the day she arrived. The tour ended up a great financial success with Lind raising huge amounts of money for her won charities. She soon started touring the US under her own management and went on to marry her pianist Otto Goldschmidt.

Lind was made into a household name

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  1. Chickering & sons – the leading piano maker of the mid 19th century

Here is another fact related to The Greatest Showman Piano connection. Chickering and Sons was the largest piano manufacturer in the United States in 1823.  Based in Boston they were given the contract to supply the performance pianos that would accompany Miss Lind’s tour of the US.

Chickering and sons – the leading piano maker of the mid 19th century

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In the movie The Greatest Showman, there s a scene focused around Lind’s performance where you can see a historic Chickering and Sons grand piano in several of the shots. The Greatest Showman piano is a traditional grand design of that period which is veneered in rosewood and has serpentine legs.

  1. The Greatest Showman never enough, who performs it

The song of The Greatest Showman, Never Enough is a pop ballad that propelled The Greatest Showman to the top of the UK charts becoming the UK’s longest running NO 1 soundtrack in 50 years. Never Enough was originally performed by Jenny Lind who is played by actress Rebecca Ferguson on the movie. The ballad was dubbed by Loren Allred who also made it to the top 20 on the Voice season 3.

The Greatest Showman never enough, who performs it

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  1. Who wrote ‘Never Enough’?

The Greatest Showman, Never enough song was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul for the film which was a biopic on P.T. Barnum. The song was originally performed by Lind in her debut concert in New York that was a phenomenal success. The song itself has now become immensely popular with several artistes covering it like Katherine Jenkins also performed an operatic version of ‘Never Enough’ at the 2018 Classic BRIT Awards.

Who wrote ‘Never Enough’

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The Greatest Showman piano connection was an interesting fact but there are some more  facts about the movie that will interest you.

  1. Where did the costumes come from?

If you are wondering how they made those fantastic costumes worn by the actors in the movie The Greatest Showman, well, most of the costumes were the original ones that were worn by the circus cast from the real P.T.Barnum circus.

Where did the costumes come from

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  1. Hugh Jackman plays the real life PT Barnum

Well, this is a well known fact and if you are wondering what P.T stands for, it’s Phineas Taylor who once said “To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter!" 

Hugh Jackman plays the real life PT Barnum

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  1. Jackman wanted to do the movie for last 7 years

Jackman was interested in making the movie for the last 7 years and he ultimately convinced the bosses to do so. Incidentally, many of the cast like Zac Efron, Michelle Williams and Keala Settle.

Jackman wanted to do the movie for last 7 years

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  1. Zendaya did her own stunts.

Zendaya who plays Anne Wheeler trained and performed herself as a trapeze artist for her role as Anne Wheeler in the movie. The movie was originally titled The Greatest Showman on Earth but later changed to The Greatest Showman. The Greatest Showman Piano renditions are featured on many music platforms including YouTube and The Greatest Showman never enough is a song you won’t likely forget.

Zendaya did her own stunts

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If you haven’t seen the movie, make it a point to do so especially after these fun facts from Magic Articles. If you like abit of magic then read some more fun facts of the greatest card game on Earth, Magic the Gathering